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Chasing Lincoln’s Killer Timeline

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1 Chasing Lincoln’s Killer Timeline
By: Lillian Weitz

2 November 9th, 1864 March 17th, 1865 April 7th, 1865 April 9th, 1865 April 11th, 1865 April 14th, 1865 April 16th, 1865 April 26, 1865 March 4th, 1865 April 3rd, 1865 April 8th, 1865 April 10th, 1865 April 13th, 1865 April 15th, 1865 April 25th, 1865 April 27th, 1865

3 November 9th, 1865 Booth goes to Maryland and meets Dr. Mudd for the first time (Pg. 96). Mudd then brought Booth to D.C and introduced him to John Harrison Surratt (Pg.96). John Harrison Surratt

4 March 4th, 1865 Lincoln is inaugurated for the second time (Pg.1).
John Wilkes Booth attends Lincoln’s inauguration (Pg.1). Lincoln’s Second Inauguration

5 March 17th, 1865 The National Hotel Booth and his conspirators plan to ambush Lincoln’s carriage at gun point, the first plan to kill the Union government (Pg. 24). This plan was not executed because Lincoln never came down the road they were stationed to ambush on the night planned (Pg. 24). Instead Lincoln was giving a speech at the hotel Booth was staying at (Pg.24).

6 April 3rd, 1865 Richmond As It Fell Richmond, the capital of the Confederacy, falls to the Union army (Pg. 2). The Confederate States of America are now collapsing completely (Pg.2).

7 April 7th, 1865 Booth is at a bar in D.C with one of his friends (Pg. 5). He complains about not having killed Lincoln yet since he had the chance on Lincoln’s inauguration day (Pg. 5).

8 April 8th, 1865 Booth leaves New York City and goes back to D.C where he spent a lot of his acting career (Pg. 5). He leaves after being devastated by the fall of Richmond (Pg. 5). John Wilkes Booth

9 April 9th, 1865 Robert E. Lee surrenders to Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Court House, VA (Pg. 5). In result of Lee’s surrender, John Wilkes Booth wanders the streets of D.C in absolute despair (Pg. 5). Lee’s Surrender At Appomattox

10 April 10th, 1865 Lincoln appears at the Executive Mansion (White House) and talks to the crowd that has formed on the front lawn, all celebrating the fall of Richmond (Pg. 5). Lincoln hadn't had a speech or anything prepared, so he entertains the crowd through humor (Pg. 5). Abraham Lincoln

11 April 11th, 1865 Lincoln give the official speech celebrating the Union’s victory in the capture of Richmond (Pg. 7). He also holds a big elaborate parade with banners and bands to celebrate on the same night (Pg. 7). Executive Mansion In 1865

12 April 13th, 1865 D.C holds the grand illumination in celebration of the fall of the capital of the Confederacy (Pg. 8). All the buildings in the city are adorned with lights, and so was the sky thanks to the fireworks that were lit off during the illumination also (Pg. 8). Washington D.C

13 April 14th, 1865 The Confederacy is officially dead (Pg. 9-11).
Booth finds out that Lincoln is coming to Ford’s Theatre (Pg. 9-11). Booth goes to visit Mary Surratt in Maryland (Pg ). There he gives Mary a package to deliver and he had her hold some guns, ammo, and others that he was to pick up later (Pg ). Booth shoots Lincoln at Ford’s Theatre at around 10:30p.m (Pg ). Booth then jumps off the balcony and has his last words on a stage “Sic Semper Tyrannis!!” Virginia’s state motto meaning ‘Thus Always To Tyrants’ (Pg ). Lewis Powell attempts to murder a sick Seward by means of a stab wound with a knife (Pg ) Powell doesn't’t succeed due to the other people in Seward’s room at the time((Pg ). Booth escapes over a bridge that leads to Maryland by fooling Cobb who was guarding it (Pg ). George Atzerodt fails to kill Andrew Johnson and instead drinks in the lobby of Johnson’s hotel (Pg. 69). Lincoln Finally dies from the gunshot wound in his head, while Booth runs in Maryland trying to find a safe haven. (Pg ).

14 April 15th, 1865 Stanton sends a request to the chief of police in New York City (Pg. 89). He asks him to send out his best detectives to help investigate the assassination (Pg. 89).

15 April 16th, 1865 Luther Bryon Baker receives a telegram telling Lafayette that Booth and Herold had been seen crossing the river (Pg. 156). However, this was proven somewhat false because two men had crossed the river except they weren’t Booth and Herold (Pg. 156).

16 April 25th, 1865 Booth discusses the assassination with his hosts at the time, the Garrets, and still maintains his façade of being a confederate soldier (Pg. 159). He then leaves in fear of suspicions, and he heads for Virginia where he would be safe (Pg. 159).

17 April 26th, 1865 Booth gets shot in a tobacco barn and later dies of the gun shot in his upper neck (Pg. 177). The twelve day chase for Lincoln’s killer and his conspirators is over (Pg. 177). Booth Being Dragged From The Tobacco Barn

18 April 27th, 1865 Some of Booths conspirators get hung one by one, all in a row. The ones being hung were David Herold, George Atzerodt, Lewis Powell, and Mary Surratt. The Hanging Of Booth’s Conspirators

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