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Chasing Lincolns Killer Timeline

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1 Chasing Lincolns Killer Timeline
July 7, 1865 March 4, 1865 March 17, 1865 April 13, 1865 April 14, 1865 April 14, 1865 April 15, 1865 April 16, 1865 April 17, 1865 April 18, 1865 April 19, 1865 April 20, 1865 April 20, 1865 April 22, 1865 April 24, 1865 April 25, 1865 April 25, 1865 April 25, 1865 April 26, 1865 July 6, 1865 | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Zack Brawn

2 March 4, 1865(1) President Lincoln swears into office, during the Presidential Inauguration. It was a rainy day, and William M. Smith was about to take a historical picture of the inauguration in front of the recently completed Capitol Dome.

3 March 17, 1865(24) Booth and his henchmen Plan to ambush Lincoln’s carriage on a deserted road on the way to the Executive Mansion. the plan failed, because Lincoln was giving a speech at Booths own hotel.

4 April 13, 1865(8) The Civil War had ended, so Washington celebrated with candles, torches, gaslights, and fireworks. It was said to be the most beautiful night in the history of the capital.

5 April 14, 1865(9) It was Good Friday, and John Wilkes Booth was upset about any things such as the death of the Confederacy, and his dreams of glory being over. On this day Booth would experience a turn of events.

6 April 14, 1865(47) John Wilkes Booth enters Fords theater, and later enters the Presidents box, he would shoot Abraham Lincoln in the head. Also Powell would attack William H. Seward, he would fail to kill Seward.

7 April 15, 1865(102) On the morning of April 15, 1865 President Lincoln would officially be dead. After a long night of fighting to stay alive, Lincoln would die at 7:22 am. John Wilkes Booth was confirmed to be the shooter.

8 April 16, 1865(115) An investigation of Fords Theater was under way. Stanton was assigned to preserve the scene. Mathew Brady took pictures of the stage and the box.

9 April 17, 1865(126) Thomas Jones brought Booth and Herold breakfast in the pine thicket. Jones also brought a newspaper for Booth, who had been anxiously waiting to hear news about himself and the assassination.

10 April 18, 1865(138) Even though soldiers had visited his farm many times, Thomas Jones returned to the pine thicket to visit Booth and Herold. Booth was stunned by the newspapers Jones had brought. The country made him out to be a villian and Lincoln a hero.

11 April 19, 1865(140) The Presidents Funeral was held in Washington. Many people gathered on Pennsylvania Avenue, so that they could see the funeral passing by.

12 April 20, 1865(145) Detectives arrest Atzerodt, he confesses to everything without even a little bit of pressure. Also a $100,000 reward is put up to the person who finds the criminals.

13 April 20, 1865(144) Thomas Jones sees the cavalry ride out of town because of a new lead on a possible sighting of Booth. Jones had to conceal his excitement.

14 April 22, 1865(151) Booth and Herold get on a boat that will take them to Virginia. They sailed the right way this time.

15 April 24, 1865(159) Booth creates a story that convinces the Garrets to allow him and Herold to stay. They will stay there for the night and into the next.

16 April 25, 1865(159) The Garrets talk about the assassination right in front of Booth. Booth continues to play a soldier, and explains why the killer might have done it, with his motives.

17 April 25, 1865(164) The Garrets trap the criminals in their barn. The Garrets became suspicious of the criminals when they saw the criminals reaction to cavalry.

18 April 25, 1865(168) When the men came to arrest the men, one of the Garrets were reluctant to give away the position of the criminals. But after they forced it out of him, they went and set the barn on fire. Later Herold surrendered, and Corbett shot Booth in the neck.

19 April 26, 1865(171) Booth takes his last breath. The sun came up and shined on his face when he died. They took his body back to Washington.

20 July 6, 1865(187) Mary Surrat, David Herold, George Atzerodt, and Lewis Powell would be hung tomorrow. They would be hung at 1:26 pm.

21 July 7, 1865(189) Mary Surrat, David Herold, George Atzerodt, and Lewis Powell are hung. They were hung at 1:26 pm.

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