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Chasing Lincoln’s Killer Timeline

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1 Chasing Lincoln’s Killer Timeline
By: Ian Fay

2 March 4th 1865 April 8th 1865 April 10th 1865 April 13th 1865
April 3rd 1865 April 9th 1865 April 11th 1865 April 14th 1865 April 15th 1865 April 17th 1865 April 19th 1865 April 23rd 1865 April 25th 1865 July 7th 1865 Click on me to go right! Click on me to go left!

3 Inauguration of Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln was elected for a second term. He was inaugurated on March 4th in front of the newly built capitol building(1).

4 Richmond Falls The Capitol city of the Confederates fell to Union forces on April 3rd The capture of Richmond Virginia is a huge advantage for the Union(2).

5 John Wilkes Booth returns to Washington
John Wilkes Booth returns to Washington after his stay in New York City. He is devastated by loss of The Confederate Capitol Richmond(5).

6 Surrender of General Robert E. Lee
General Robert E. Lee was a general for the Confederate states of America. John Wilkes Booth was a supporter of the Confederacy. When General Robert E. Lee surrendered to the union Forces that made John Wilkes Booth mad; it was one of the things that provoked Booth to kill Lincoln because he wanted to avenge the south(5).

7 Celebrate Washington Celebrates General Robert E Lee’s surrender. Since Lee was the main general for The Confederate Army this meant that the Civil War was Finally over(5).

8 Torchlight parade Washington celebrates the end of the war with a Torchlight Parade. It is on this date that president Lincoln states that all Black people can vote for the first time in history. This makes John Wilkes Booth furious and gives him a motive to murder(7).

9 Illumination of Washington state
Washington State illuminates its city celebrating the end of the Civil War. The city is illuminated with candles, torches, and gaslights(8).

10 Lincoln shot John Wilkes Booth shoots president Lincoln with a .44-caliber derringer pistol. The nations great Leader would be shot on April 14th and die on April 15th (41).

11 Assassination attempt
Secretary of State William H. Seward was nearly killed by Lewis Powell accompanied by David Herald. Seward was not assassinated, because of the brave efforts of Fanny Seward, and Sergeant Robinson(59).

12 Dr. Samuel Mudd Booth and Herald arrive at the home of Samuel Mudd on April 15th. The doctor tends to their wounds and buys the fugitives some time(93).

13 Black Easter The country is so devastated that it mourns on Easter Sunday April 16th Easter Sunday of 1865 would forever be known as Black Easter in memory of Abraham Lincoln(115).

14 Arrest of Lewis Powell and Mary Surratt
Lewis Powell was arrest at the Surratt boarding house when Mary Surratt claimed that she did not know Powell. Mary Surratt was arrested and would not be killed if her son would return to America(131).

15 Booth Explains Booth while camping in the woods reads newspapers telling how they can’t Believe what Booth has done. Booth writes in his pocket diary why he killed Lincoln(139).

16 Presidents funeral Abraham Lincoln’s body takes a train to his home state of Illinois to be buried. The Country mourns over the loss of their beloved president(140).

17 Crossing the Potomac With the help of Thomas Jones Booth and Herald make their way towards Virginia. They accidentally go the wrong way and arrived at the home of John Hughes(146).

18 Arrival in Virginia John Wilkes Booth and Herald finally arrive in Virginia and immediately try to find shelter. They have lost time and captain cox finds shelter for them in a nearby farmhouse(151).

19 Garret Farmhouse Booth and Herald stay in the Garret farmhouse the night of the 24th. Their Hosts are friendly and welcoming to their visitors. Booth for the first time in a few days sleeps in a real bed(158).

20 2nd night at the Garret Farmhouse
This night the Garret’s know something is up, they are less friendly and have Booth sleep inside of their barn. The Garrets believe that their visitors want to steal their horses so they lock the front door of the barn(164).

21 Death of John Wilkes Booth
John Wilkes Booth died in Garret’s farmhouse on April 26th 1865 ending a twelve day manhunt. He was shot by Boston Corbett of the New York 16th Regiment(177).

22 Death of conspirators July 7th was the day that Lewis Powell, Mary Surratt, George Atzerot and David Harold. The Conspirators that had helped Booth were tried, found Guilty and Sentenced to death by hanging(189).

23 Y Q C L C C g o o g t T n h s F h s a i n h W v w u r a k c o u x h k

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