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Chasing Lincoln’s Killer Map

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1 Chasing Lincoln’s Killer Map
By: Dylan Steinfeldt

2 Ford’s Theater Navy yard Bridge Mudd Farm Soper’s Hill Jones Farm Surrattsville Dent’s Meadow Hughes Farm Bryantown Creek in Virginia Pine Thicket Lucas Cabin Garrett Farm Quesenberry Home Stuart Home Port Conway Port Royal Rollins Home

3 Destination one Ford’s theater
It is a famous theater in Washington D.C. where many presidents went to watch plays. It is also the place where Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth (39).

4 Destination two Navy Yard Bridge
The bridge that Booth had to cross to escape Washington. This is where he used his acting skills to talk his way across (63).

5 Destination three Soper’s Hill
The place where Booth met with Herold. This started their long journey together (74).

6 Destination Four Surrattsville
Where the assassin’s first safe house was. They spent their first night their (78).

7 Destination five Mudd Farm
Where Booth got his leg treated. He stayed there for a few nights (93).

8 Destination six Bryantown
A town next to Mudd’s farm. Mudd found out that he had been housing the President’s assassins there (110).

9 Destination seven Pine Thicket
Herold and Booth’s hidong place for a few days. They met Thomas Jones there (120).

10 Destination eight Jones Farm
Where Thomas Jones lived. Jones would spend nights there and gather supplies for the next day (126).

11 Destination nine Dent’s Meadow
Where Booth and Herold left Maryland. When they first departed the beach and went the wrong way (146).

12 Destination ten Hughes Farm
Where the criminals landed after they went the wrong way. They had to stay the night there (149).

13 Destination eleven Creek in Virginia
The creek where Booth and Herold landed after going the right direction on the boat. It was their first taste of Virginia (151).

14 Destination twelve Quesenberry Home
Booth and Herold’s first household stop in Virginia. They had their first real meal and got new horses (152).

15 Destination thirteen Stuart Home
The house of Dr. Stuart who fed them for two nights. He was considered unhelpful by Booth and Herold (153).

16 Destination fourteen Lucas Cabin
Home to a man named Lucas, who sold them horses. His son drove them to the Rollins home in Port Conway (153).

17 Destination fifteen Port Conway
The port where Booth and Herold weere ferried across the Rappahannock river. They met confederate allies there ( ).

18 Destination sixteen Rollins Home
A farm house I Port Conway owned a by a southern man named William Rollins. They only stopped there to get a drink and they didn’t stay very long (153).

19 Destination seventeen
Port Royal Their landing place across the Rappahannock River. The town where their Confederate escort began (154).

20 Destination eighteen Garrett Farm
The place where Booth stayed until he was killed in the tobacco farm. The Union soldiers trapped him there until Boston Corbett killed him ( ).

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