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Les fêtes français. Que represente…… Que represent le drapeau?

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1 Les fêtes français

2 Que represente……

3 Que represent le drapeau?

4 Fête Nationale Bastille day If you guessed that this represented France’s independence day you were correct! People light fireworks, have parades, and have big celebrations just like in the U.S.A.!

5 Que represent la chausseur?

6 Jour de Père Noël In France, Père Noël comes before Christmas…which explains how is able to get to everyone’s house! He fills up the SHOES of French children with candy and small gifts =

7 Wait a minute! So, if theis for Santa….. what is the for???

8 Pâques In France, the bells on Easter morning bring the children eggs and candy, NOT the Easter bunny! Je suis desolée Monsieur Lapin!

9 Last two items!

10 Que represent la courronne?

11 La fête du rois/ l’Épiphanie On this day French people gather with their friends and family to share a gallette (an apple cake) Whoever gets the surprise in their piece gets to be the rois (King)!!

12 A bit of trivia before our last one…. How come Mme Carey didn’t put a TURKEY in the presentation????

13 You guessed it! Although Thanksgiving is not celebrated in France, it is in Canada. French Canadians call it don’t cha know?!

14 Que represent la crêpe?

15 Mardi Gras During this celebration, known as “Fat Tuesday”, crêpes (thin pancakes) are eaten by the plateful! People used to refrain from eating butter, sugar, and eggs during lent…so this was a last hurrah before a season of fasting.

16 You Tube Fete National &feature=fvsr Gallette du rois 4&feature=related 4&feature=related Crepes eature=related

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