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Christmas in France.

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1 Christmas in France

2 Lots of people from all around the world celebrate Christmas
Lots of people from all around the world celebrate Christmas.  Not everyone does, though. 

3 The people who do celebrate Christmas sometimes celebrate in different ways.  Sometimes they have the same kinds of traditions, but different words are used.  As we learn about Christmas around the world, think about how other culture's traditions are similar or different to your own.

4 People have come from all around the world to live in America
People have come from all around the world to live in America.  Maybe your great-great-great-great-grandmother was from France. When people came from different countries to America, they brought their own holidays and traditions with them.  Some of them are still around today.

5 FRANCE USA Today we are going to learn about Christmas in France.  France is across the ocean in Europe.  It is near England.  People there speak French and often Enghish, too. 

6 The Eiffel Tower is in Paris, France. 
France gave the United States a famous statue - our Statue of Liberty. 

7 Christmas in France is a season of giving.

8               In France, the Christmas
              season starts on               December 6.  This is               called St. Nicholas Day.  Some children receive small gifts on this day. They leave their shoes out with some carrots.  Then on the morning of Dec. 6, small gifts are left in the shoes for the children.

9 A manger scene, or la creche, is often the focal point of Christmas decorations.   Some of these are very old and have been in families for years and years.  Often, characters from town are added.  These are called santons.

10 A long time ago, people used a yule log instead of a tree
A long time ago, people used a yule log instead of a tree.  Now that we have electric heat, people make a yule log cake.  It's called la buche de Noel.

11 Christmas trees are used in France, but they are more popular in America.  Some people in France don't put up a tree. If one is used, it is called un sapin de Noel. It is decorated in the same way as in America.

12 During the Christmas season, families often have out an advent calendar.  The calendar often has a small for each day of December until Christmas.

13 The markets and stores decorate for Christmas. 
The cities are usually lit up in lights. 

14 Families enjoy a big feast on Christmas Eve. 

15 On Christmas Eve, some families go to church. 

16 Christmas carols, or songs, are popular in France. 
You might have heard some of them in English. Silent Night ...              Douce Nuit Oh, Christmas Tree.... Mon Beau Sapin Jingle Bells...              Vive le Vent Deck the Halls...          Falalalala 

17 On Christmas Eve, children leave out their shoes in hopes that Pere Noel leaves them presents.
Pere Noel means Father Christmas. 

18 Adults usually wait until New Year's Day to open gifts.

19 Did you learn some Christmas traditions from France that are similar
to ours?

20 Did you learn about any traditions that are different from ours?



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