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Les Fêtes en France By Julia Kent 8Breen.

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1 Les Fêtes en France By Julia Kent 8Breen

2 La Fête de Pâques Cette année, la date de la Fête de Paques était le 23 mars. French children believe that easter eggs are delivered by flying churchbells on their return to Rome. Chocolate Bells, hens and fish are popular with the french children instead of bunnies like Australian children. Easter eggs only appear in supermarkets two weeks before Good Friday.

3 La Fête des Rois Mages La date de la Fête des Rois Mages est le premier dimanche janvier. La Fête des Rois Mages is the festival of the Kings. This festival is celebrating the day that Jesus was sighted by the three wise men. On this special day a cake called une galette des rois is eaten. A little plastic charm is hidden inside the cake and if you find it in your slice you get wear a golden crown and be a King or Queen for the day.

4 Mardi Gras Cette année, la date du Mardi Gras était le 5 février.
Mardi Gras is the day before the beginning of Lent. During this period of 40 days Christians must not eat meat or eggs. People make pancakes on this day to use up all of their left over eggs. People come from all over France to see the huge carnival and to join the celebrations.

5 La Fête du Travail La date de la Fête du Travail est le premier mai.
La Fête du Travail is very similar to Australia’s Labour Day. This celebration is to honour the working people. Usually the men and woman wear a sprig of lily of the valley as a tradition.

6 La Fête Nationale La date de la Fête Nationale est le 14 juillet.
La Fête Nationale is to celebrate the end of the monarchy and the beginning of the french revolution. There is a grand military parade and a fireworks display. People decorate their houses with fantastic decorations and flags and they attend parties in the local village square.

7 La toussaint La date de la Toussaint est le premier novembre.
All Saints day is the day that families visit the cemetary and place flowers on their loved-ones graves. They do this to honour the dead.

8 Noël La date de Noël est le 25 décembre.
During the Christmas period, houses and shops are beautifully decorated. On christmas day it is popular to eat a dessert called bûche de Noël. This is a chocolate cake that is made in the shape of a log. It is decorated with meringue mushrooms.

9 Anzac Day The date of Anzac Day is the 25th of April.
Anzac day is the most important National day for Australia. We celebrate this day to remember the people who fought and died at war. We have a minute of silence and we eat Anzac biscuits. Anzac day is also celebrated with a parade to honour them.

10 By Julia Kent 8B

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