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Communications upgrade for Flinders University Gordon Brimble Project Manager.

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1 Communications upgrade for Flinders University Gordon Brimble Project Manager

2 What Why Who When How

3 Outlook Entourage Outlook Web (OWA) Microsoft Exchange Server Outlook Thunderbird Mac Mail Entourage IMP internet ISD servers Department servers OLD NEW

4 What will be copied automatically? Mailbox contents –Emails in Inbox and subfolders plus their attachments –Sent, trash/deleted items, drafts What will NOT be copied? Address book and Calendar Filtering rules Personal folders stored on your local computer - It is a copy operation, so everything will remain as is - These may be migrated manually, see your support staff or Tips and Tricks

5 What remains the same? Email addresses – – (if used) Mailing lists, distribution lists Automatic emails generated by applications Generic and aliased email accounts Students and postgrads by coursework Adjuncts and others without HR numbers Signatures (note that a Flinders standard is coming)

6 Why Email systems at Flinders developed independently over time by Departments & Faculties Incompatible systems inhibit collaboration ICT Review Panel recommends development of a universal online collaboration platform Priority Action to implement a University wide Communications Service –E-mail –Calendar/diary –Contacts

7 Current communications Multiple email clients with different capabilities –Thunderbird –Outlook –Entourage –Mac mail –IMP Most common client doesn’t support calendaring Third party calendar package of limited functionality No Global Address List

8 Communications requirements Consistent desktop experience for all users Best practice solution (widely used) Single application for email, calendars, contacts, tasks Accessible anywhere (web interface) Reduce costs of ownership and support Compatible with further collaboration applications Support for mobile workforce

9 Solution selection Independent feasibility study in 2008 recommends Microsoft Exchange server Original design for in-house solution became very costly due to large mailbox quota requirements Maturation of Cloud Computing services reduced costs dramatically Decision to use Microsoft Exchange Online service in May 2010

10 Benefits of hosted solution Consistent user interface University-wide integrated calendar management Connectivity for Mobile devices Large user accounts provided (25GB max per user) Automatic archiving (10 years) High availability guaranteed (99.9% scheduled uptime) Provision and support of infrastructure transferred to Microsoft specialists, freeing up our staff Security, patching and upgrades automatically provided No capital expenditure

11 Who Staff and research postgraduate students’ mailboxes to Microsoft hosted exchange server (~5000 accounts) Student email will continue to be hosted on Flinders servers until staff migration is complete Later, undergraduate students will migrate to Microsoft Live@Edu

12 When Pilot 1 – approx 20 users from ISD Customer Services Centre, August Pilot 2 – approx 100 users from ISD, departmental support teams, selected departments in September Main migration October to December, in waves nightly / weekends MeetingMaker changeover at end of migration

13 How Users get training as needed: –Online training modules –Course notes online –Webinars –Classroom courses Users kept aware of progress: –Flinders In Touch –Noticeboards –Staff Emails –Profdev Listserver –Websites

14 How Users clean up mailboxes and contacts –Preferably under 500MB to ease migration –Save and remove large attachments (>19MB) –Purge Deleted items and Sent items –Archive large mailboxes, old emails to file server folders Schools/Business Units selected for overnight migrations –Heads approve migration date –Staff informed well in advance After migration, you will need to create a new password If any emails cannot be copied you will be notified

15 User Experience - Outlook Online Services Single Sign-on –Starts up automatically when you log on to desktop –Logs you in to online email Exchange Server –You click to start up Outlook Outlook synchronises with Exchange to download new email Through the day Outlook synchronises with Exchange every few minutes, after you send an email, after you change calendar If you log on to a different computer it will re-synchronise your mailbox

16 Online sign in

17 User environment MS Outlook integrated into Office Suite for Windows desktops –Drag and drop integration between apps Entourage is consistent with Outlook –Outlook for Mac coming soon –Mac Mail/iCal/Contacts works with Exchange Server Outlook Web Access provides Outlook emulation though browser - this is the client for Flinders desktop –Most functionality with Internet Explorer v7 and up –“Lite” functionality with Firefox and other browsers –Supports Calendars and contacts as well as email

18 Outlook email

19 OWA – Internet Explorer Login to with, password

20 OWA – other browsers

21 Calendar

22 User Experience Hosted Exchange Service in use in Universities worldwide, highly accepted Other Australian universities about to migrate Standard Exchange Server technology, just hosted in a remote data centre ISD staff using the target environment since July, works fine –Thunderbird users moved to Outlook –Apple Entourage, Mail Please visit the project website:



25 Questions? Talk to your local IT support team You can email to Ask me now

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