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Basic User Guide for Switching from PC to Mac By: Megan Staab.

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1 Basic User Guide for Switching from PC to Mac By: Megan Staab

2 Table of Contents  Today’s Objective Today’s Objective  Parts of a Mac Parts of a Mac  Right Click Right Click  Finder Finder  Launchpad Launchpad  Mission Control Mission Control  App Store App Store  Mail Mail  Safari Safari  Face Time Face Time  Switch Between Applications Switch Between Applications  Red, Yellow, Green Buttons Red, Yellow, Green Buttons  Online Support Online Support  Next Professional Development Next Professional Development

3 Today’s Objectives:  Teachers will be able to add applications to the Dock, know how to close out a running application, and know where to find applications on a Mac successfully.

4 Parts of a Mac  Toolbar  Dock  Light below icon when running  Trackpad (below keyboard)

5 Right Click  To set up right click:  Click on Apple  System Preferences  Choose in secondary click where you would want to click

6 Finder  Equivalent to My Computer on a PC.  Access to:  Air Drop  Applications  Desktop  Documents  Downloads  Movies  Music  Pictures

7 Launchpad  Shows all Apps on your computer  Can create folders like on an iPhone  Practice pulling down to dock  FirefoxWordExcel

8 Mission Control  Allows you to see all Desktops  Can create separate Desktops  Can also swipe up with four fingers on trackpad to access

9  Similar to iPhone App Store, but for Mac  Buy and download apps for computer  Updates for apps noted by red circle App Store

10 Mail  E-mail app on the computer  Same as iPad e-mail  Can link Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc.

11 Safari  Equivalent to Internet Explorer on a PC  Basic web browser

12 Face Time  Allows for video conversation with others  Works with:  Mac (must have webcam)  iPhone 4, iPhone 5  iPad 2  iTouch 4 th Generation

13 Switch Between Applications  Current app is identified next to Apple in top left corner  Hold down Command key and press Tab key and a mini-Dock will display running applications  Press the tab key (or left or right arrows) to cycle through open applications

14 Red, Yellow, Green Buttons  Located in top left of a running window  Red – closes window, but leaves application running  Yellow – minimizes application to the bottom right – still running  Green – changes the size of the open window

15 Online Support  For additional support, visit these sites:   air/features.html air/features.html

16 Next Professional Development…  Going from basic to advanced user  Command Shortcuts  iPhoto  Keynotes  Pages

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