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IPads for SSHS Math Dept. Creating your Personal Learning Environment….

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1 iPads for SSHS Math Dept. Creating your Personal Learning Environment….

2 Objectives …Participants will model the effective use of an iPad in a HS Math Classroom. …Participants will use the iPad with the Smartboard …Participants will use the iPad and its resources to enhance their own productivity.

3 Overview What do You Already Know? Basic Review Settings App Management Web browsing Personal Learning Networks Productivity Resources

4 What Do You Know? – What do you already know about the iPad? – What do you want to be able to do with the iPad in your classes? – How can you use the iPad to increase your productivity? – How can you use the iPad to create your personal learning network?

5 iPad Controls Home Front Camera Status Bar Multi-touch Screen Apps Screen View Indicator

6 iPad Controls Back Camera Microphone Headphone Jack Speaker Dock Connector

7 Screens Swiping – Right, left, up, down – Where am I? Search – Swipe left to right from home – Home button On-screen keyboard – Activate – Hide

8 Status Bar Wireless connection indicator Time Bluetooth Battery status – Charging – Not Charging Back

9 Settings Personalize your iPad Brightness & Wallpaper Location Services Notifications Navigation arrows General Settings – Date and Time – Auto-Lock – Restrictions – Mute/lock rotation – Etc.

10 Settings WiFi – Connect (check status bar) Change other iPad settings – Safari – Location Services – Etc. Change features in apps Back

11 App Management Appsbergers: an addiction to apps Moving Deleting Folders Closing open apps

12 Moving and Deleting Apps Touch and hold any icon until all “jiggle” Can slide any icon to rearrange or put on another screen Can delete installed apps by touching x Cannot delete “native” apps

13 Creating Folders Press and hold any icon until all “jiggle” Drag one icon on top of another Folder window will open with suggested name – Can rename To remove, press and hold, drag out of folder

14 View and Close Open Apps Double click Home button Open apps appear at bottom for quick access Press and hold any icon until all “jiggle” Press minus sign in corner to close Does not remove app from device

15 App Store Searching for apps Selecting compatible apps for your device – + next to price indicates universal app Customer ratings and reviews

16 Downloading Apps Download either on iPad or on computer through iTunes to sync with iPad Click Free or Buy App Click Download Enter password Download starts automatically Will sync with iTunes next time you connect with computer Download Dropbox, Evernote, and Diigo, and Flipboard. Back

17 Safari Web Browser Search and address bars Access the keyboard –.com key –Hide the keyboard Accessing bookmarks – User Guide

18 Safari Web Browser Tabs Adding and organizing bookmarks Folders Zooming in and out Viewing and closing multiple pages 50 top tips and tricks 50 top tips and tricks

19 50 Tips and Tricks

20 Productivity in the Cloud Dropbox – – Share files among devices Evernote – – Remember Everything!! Diigo – – Bookmark, notes, pictures Flipboard – eReader app from Appstore – Professional Reading made easy! neuAnnotate – Annotator app from Appstore – Annotate Math Worksheets Skype – – Communicate via video

21 Connect to your Smartboard Splashtop Streamer/Whiteboard App Learn to control your Smartboard How can you use this in your classroom

22 Personal Learning Networks Will Richardson Video Read Blogs Tweet: 100 Ways to Teach with Twitter100 Ways to Teach with Twitter Add your Professional Reading to Flipad Share your ideas with a colleague!

23 Resources Top Four Passionate Math Teacher Blogs Things to do with an ipad Things eBook Apps and website – Ibooks – freebooks – Overdrive – Project Gutenberg Project Gutenberg 62 things to do with Dropbox. 62 things to do with Dropbox “Ted Talks” iPad App (Ideas worth Spreading – Technology, Entertainment, Design Appitic Apps in Education Blog Education Apps Review (A Community Effort to Grade Educational Apps) Apple iPad Education Resources

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