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Tips for New Mac Users 20 simple tips to make using a Mac quicker and easier.

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1 Tips for New Mac Users 20 simple tips to make using a Mac quicker and easier.

2 Mac Tip #1 How to clean up your desktop. As you begin to save files to your desktop, it will quickly become crowded. Here is a way to group all these random files into folders. Look at the top left for your screen, the file or application you are currently using is listed here. Make sure it says finder. Click on an empty spot on your track pad with two fingers at once.

3 Mac Tip #1 Choose “New Folder” and click. Click once on the file and once again on the name “untitled folder.” Now you can type any name you choose.

4 Mac Tip #2 You can save files to a pen drive. Simply drag and drop the file from the desk top or other storage areas into the icon of the pen drive. This works both ways, you can drag a file from the pen drive to your desktop. Tip: You can name your pen drive the same way named a file.

5 Mac Tip #3 You can eject any device hooked to your Mac by either dragging and dropping the icon for the device into the trash (don’t worry, you are not deleting the files, your will see the trash turn into an eject button once the icon hits the trash) Or, you can open finder in the dock and choose the eject button on the right side of the device’s name,

6 Mac Tip #4 You can customize your Dock to better suit your needs. Click the Apple icon at the top left of your screen and choose “ System Preferences” Choose “Dock”.

7 Mac Tip #5 If you want to add applications to the dock, when you see the icon for the application appear, preform a right click (place the cursor over the intended icon and click with two fingers). Choose “Keep in Dock” To delete icon, simply click on the icon and lift if off the dock and release it. It will go, POOF and be removed from the dock but not from the Application folder from your computer.

8 Mac Tip #6 Selective Screen Capture Command + Shift + 3 takes a picture of the whole screen but… Command + Shift + 4 allows you to control what you want to take a picture of… (click and drag the finger on the mouse pad) The captured area (picture) will be placed on your desktop as a file with a name like Picture1.pnp

9 Mac Tip #6 Command + Shift + 3 Command + Shift + 4

10 Mac Tip #7 We have all had a frozen application or a program. The next time you get that beach ball of death, there is an easy way to get out of a program that freezes with a minimum of key strokes. Next time a program or app freezes, try… Command + Option + Esc

11 Mac Tip #7

12 Mac Tip #8 Here are four short cuts that will help you in MS Word or any program that asks for long or complicated chunks of information. We have all been in a program that we want to cut, copy or paste into but it will not let us use the program shortcuts, try these…

13 Mac Tip #8 Command + X cut Command + C copy Command + V paste Command + Z undo Command + A select all

14 Mac Tip #8 If you are ready for more Mac keyboard shortcuts, check out this handy one page reference. http://edge- ts_update.pdf#_ga=1.49396322.531312104.142 2163285

15 Mac Tip #9 Screen Zooming: Sometimes there is fine print that is very hard to read. Mac has an answer to help you read that fine print… Control + two finger push up When you want to go back to original or see more of the entire page… Control + two fingers pull down

16 Mac Tip #9 Normal Zoom in Zoom out

17 Mac Tip #10 Another way to zoom in and out is to use the track pad. Using your thumb and index finger, you can make a pinching gesture in and out and the screen will follow.

18 Mac Tip #11 If you want to see what is in a file saved to your desktop, there is an easier way to see what is in that file without taking the time to open it. Simply click on the file once and hold the space bar and you will get a quick view of what is in that file.

19 Mac Tip #11

20 Mac Tip #12 The track pad can be a bit tricky to get used to, but there is a place you can customize the track pad to your specifications. System Preferences –> Track pad –> Point & Click

21 Mac Tip #12

22 Mac Tip #13 How to organize your desktop. You must see the word “Finder” on the top left corner of your screen by the Apple icon. Use two fingers and click on the desktop.

23 Mac Tip #13 You will find several choices of How to arrange your desktop files

24 Mac Tip #14 How to eject something from the CD player. There are three ways to eject optical media: Push the eject key Drag the icon to the trash Press and hold the F12 for 2 seconds

25 Mac Tip #15 Here is a quick way to share files with other Mac Computers.

26 Mac Tip #15 You can share any file from one Mac to another by simply dragging and dropping the file on to the icon for the computer you are sharing with. You can share any file on your Mac with another Mac as long as they have Airdrop. Transfer speeds are fairly quick.

27 Mac Tip #16 Where to find out everything about your Mac Click on the apple icon at the top left corner of your screen. Click on “About This Mac”

28 Mac Tip #16

29 Mac Tip #17 To instantly shut down your Mac instantly Command + Option + Control + Eject

30 Mac Tip #18 If you are new to Mac, you may have noticed that the delete key on a Mac is a backspace key. If you want to delete everything forward of the cursor, Control + D, is the key stroke you want to learn to use.

31 Mac Tip #19 Next time you need to look up a word on your Mac, don’t use the dictionary application, place the cursor over the top of the word and try this: Command + Control + D

32 Mac Tip #20 One quick way to see what programs you have open and running on your Mac is to hit: Command + Tab You will see a ribbon of the current open applications. Command + Tab + ~ Will allow you to scroll through the applications one at a time. If you move your cursor to the highlighted application you will jump to that open program (if it is running).

33 Mac Tip #21 Mac’s can be picky when it comes to playing different formats of video, there is a free app that will automatically take care converting different formats to one you Mac can use. Perian

34 Mac Tips I hope these simple tips will help you to begin to see the power and ease of using a Mac. Open the door to your creative side. The next presentation will take a look at the many programs that will allow you to create movies, music and customize pictures. Most Mac programs are intuitive and easy to use with a little practice.

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