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User experience design for web services sarah houghton-jan.

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1 user experience design for web services sarah houghton-jan

2 what is user experience?

3 interaction like understand use

4 user experienc e library science human computer interaction ergonomics design performance accessibility information architecture branding ethnography usability technical writing web analytics










14 5 planes of user experience design surface skeleton structure strategy scope interface & navigation visual design site objectives & user needs content reqs & functionality IA & interface design


16 usability principles

17 “you are not the user. neither is your boss.” ~Jessyca Fredrick, ThisNext


19 5 laws of library science 1) books are for use 2) every reader his [or her] book 3) every book its reader 4) save the time of the reader 5) the library is a growing organism ux web design



22 usability research

23 surveys focus groups user interviews card sorting walk-throughs user personas } meh... } nice! bazinga!

24 Photo credit: Adaptive Path (

25 information architecture

26 navigation content ‣ throughout the site ‣ on a page interplay with design

27 start with a content audit!


29 navigation 101 fewer words fewer choices fewer steps


31 writing for the web

32 remove words (yes, as many as you can)

33 eBooks, eAudioBooks, and eMusic materials at San Jose Public Library are available 24-7, whenever you’re online. What do I need to use the library’s eBooks, eAudioBooks, and eMusic? A free Library Card account; a personal computer with an internet connection (not a library computer); reader software (for downloadable titles).Library Card account

34 block & format

35 be consistent in labeling


37 design and information




41 5 steps to changing your website

42 #1 stop thinking like a librarian

43 #2 watch people use the website

44 #3 rapid prototype changes

45 #4 test it

46 #5 implement & repeat

47 Further Reading x 10 1) Adaptive Path Blog - 2) Boxes and Arrows - 3) Don't Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability (Steve Krug) 4) Information and Design Usability Resources - 5) A Project Guide to UX Design (Ross Unger and Carolyn Chandler) 6) Sketching User Experiences (Bill Buxton) 7) Ten Usability Tips Based on Research Studies (Cameron Chapman): research-studies/ 8) Undercover User Experience Design: Voices That Matter (Cennydd Bowles and James Box) 9) Usability Guidelines: 10) A User's Guide to Managing User Experience Teams: team-workshop-at-adaptive-paths-mx-2009/ research-studies/ team-workshop-at-adaptive-paths-mx-2009/

48 questions and discussions Sarah Houghton-Jan @TheLiB

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