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Blackboard Student Blogs M. Lanaghan March 1, 2012 What - Why - How?

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1 Blackboard Student Blogs M. Lanaghan March 1, 2012 What - Why - How?

2 WHAT: BB Blog vs “regular blog” Similar to a generic “blog” in that: – personal writing by one person – discrete entries ("posts") – published on www Different from “regular blog” in that: Regular Blog (wordpress, blogspot)Blackboard Student Blog Most content is from teacher Open access Most content is from STUDENTS Course participants only

3 vs Other BB tools BB Discussion BoardBB Journal New tool – introduced w/blog tool (9.0) one-on-one communication between Teacher and Student Suitable for: Reflective journals One to one communication bw T & S Other? Original tool – also in prior versions of BB Suitable for: Sharing opinions Brainstorming Fluency building Other – maybe some overlap

4 BB Student Blog How it works… Designed for student content Organized by group or individual Suitable for: Wide variety of tasks I used it for publishing longer, composed pieces

5 Fall 2011, L1 writing, Three Blogs Blackboard

6 Summary of WHAT BB Blog possibilities Group blog – for whole class or smaller groups for individuals students can post compositions Can comment on classmate’s work can include media, photos, design

7 WHY? Why WRITE at all? Important question, many answers – expression, function (we each have thoughtful reason/s) Why BLOGS? Socialization/education is based on multimedia Authentic audience increases results Encourages development of voice (but they still plagiarize) Multiple learning styles – storytellers – designers Why a BLACKBOARD blog? Easy - students are already enrolled in your course – no registrations needed Restricted membership – no privacy issues Way to create community Technical support resources – helpdesk, Dmitri Community of users – Mary, Dmitri, Shehab, Pam, Ed, Huw, Ann, others?? Could link into other platforms

8 HOW?? Teaching Technical

9 HOW - Teaching Tasks should fit/incorporate unique features of the technology – It’s a publication, so….. pre-writing ?….. editing ? – There is an audience, so…. relevant to audience – Allows for design/formatting, so…. – Allows interaction, so… Suggestions – Apply principles of task design (i.e., keep it simple, clear) – Give plenty of lab time for technical steps – typed handout – Do 1 or 2 practice/extra credit tasks before you assess one – Assessing– decide how, if comments will be included Example assignments – “About Me” – – “True Story” – “How-to” article (future HW for Level 2) – Others? Report on an interview – Others – NOT?

10 Other Teaching Issues Plagiarism – 2 students “texting” language Posting in the wrong place

11 Reflection – so far Summary Even a small project seemed to interest students It was motivating for teacher Practice makes progress (for students and teachers) Questions for Future Focus: Do students write more if they write online? Should errors be pointed out in comments? Over time, as T gets better, will students participation improve?

12 HOW - technical handout - Technical Steps

13 Images downloaded from: Images downloaded March 2012 Pace University don%E2%80%99t-click-save-draft/ don%E2%80%99t-click-save-draft/ University of the Arts London Title slide design by Joshua Miller Background slide image

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