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5 Character Vector: b <- c("one","two","three") numeric vector character vector Numeric Vector: a <- c(1,2,5.3,6,-2,4) Matrix: y<-matrix(1:20, nrow=5,ncol=4) Dataframe: d <- c(1,2,3,4) e <- c("red", "white", "red", NA) f <- c(TRUE,TRUE,TRUE,FALSE) mydata <- data.frame(d,e,f) names(mydata) <- c("ID","Color","Passed") List: w <- list(name="Fred", age=5.3) Data Structures Framework Source: Hadley Wickham


7 (3a) Graphical Parameters (2) Statistical Function (3b) Plot Function Sample Script (1) Data Input

8 Currently, how many R Packages? At the command line enter:  dim(available.packages())  available.packages()

9 Specialized “Domain” CourseSome Coverage stats graphics (both built-in) Data Management plyr reshape Graphics ggplot2 Bayesian DifferentialEquations Econometrics Environmetrics ExperimentalDesign Finance Genetics HighPerformanceComputing MachineLearning MedicalImaging NaturalLanguageProcessing Pharmacokinetics Phylogenetics Psychometrics SocialSciences Spatial TimeSeries

10 R Packages have been created that are equivalent to the functionality of SAS and SPSS

11 R “Machine Learning” Libraries Analytic TechniqueR Package/LibraryAuthorOrganization Support Vector Mach.libsvm (ksvm) Chih-Chung Chang Chih-Jen Lin National Taiwan Univ. + EBay Research Labs Neural NetworksneuralnetFrauke Gunther Stefan Fritsch Epidemiology and Prevention Research nnetBrian RipleyUniversity of Oxford monmlpAlex J. CannonAtmospheric Science Randomized ForestsrandomForestFortran original by Leo Breiman & Adele Cutler, R port by Andy Liaw and Matthew Wiener.Merck Decision TreesrpartTerry M Therneau and Beth Atkinson. R port by Brian Ripley. Mayo Clinic University of Oxford Boosting ModelAdaMark CulpWest Virginia University Maximum EntropymaxentYoshimasha Tsuruoka Timothy Jurka University of Tokyo UC-Davis Bagging, bootstrapadabagEsteban Alfaro-CortesLa Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha Latent DiralectsldaJonathan ChangFacebook Naïve Bayese1071David Meyer Evgenia Dimitriadout Vienna University Bayesian NetworkbnlearnMarco Scutari.UCL Genetics Institute Hidden MarkovhiddenmarkovDavid HarteStatistics Research

12 XLConnect XML rhbase sas7bdat Rcpp Packages for reading, writing for various data sources and file formats RJSONIO Hmisc RODBC / ROracle foreign RMySQL RWeka Comma Separated Variables

13 tnet Example of an Specialized Package for Social Network Analysis

14 Comprehensive R Archive Network


16 R Data Visualization

17 The R Graphics Package Graphing Parameters Titles X-Axis Title Y-Axis Title Legend Scales Color Gridlines library(help="graphics") Basic Chart Types

18 The next data visual was produced with about 150 lines of R code

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