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Patira, Libertad, Trabajo y cultura Kūpono Click to begin.

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2 Patira, Libertad, Trabajo y cultura Kūpono Click to begin

3 My country lies on the southern end of the United States it is right next to Texas and it is north of Guatemala-Argentina and Mexico is about 3,032,494 sq miles smaller then the united states not counting all the other countries below it.

4 MEXICO CITY Six flag Mexico In this park there are rides that go amazing speeds and heights up to 46mph and 121 feet. A guarantee day of adrenaline and fun With Latin-Americas fastest roller coaster The Goliath. Plaza Mexico Bullfights Seated shaded area of this venue largest of its kind. Best toreadors displaying there skills. Reino Animal Kingdom A diverse range of animals You can get picked up from your hotel by a tour buffaloes, deer, guide and get shown around and go to the show. Giraffes, zebra, African lions etc. There are safaris that take you around the Animal kingdom, And food to eat also.

5 VERACRUZ Ripley ʻ s believe it or not museum 10,000 square foot museum with over 400 items to see. There are many weird and amazing sites including shrunken heads and freak animals. There is even a 8 foot tall horse made of chrome car bumpers. Museo Interactivo De Xalapa This is an interactive museum with over 7 theme rooms and over 120 exhibits. There are exhibits that you can actually touch a play with(rare for museums). Popular for its I-Max theater. Museum of Anthropology This is one of the most important museums exhibiting pre-columbian artifacts. 2,500 Archeological pieces. One of the most complete collections produced on the ancient culture of veracruz.

6 EL SALVADOR Mayan Ruins of Tazmul These are big ancient stone Mayan pyramids. And are very important for this time period. There are life sized statues here and ancient artifacts that have been found here. Residents were harmed by the government and massacred by the government. Beaches(La Libertad) 90 miles of coast line along Veracruz, With an abundance of surf all year round. There are all kinds of beaches tanning, kids, surfing etc. A famous beach here would be La Libertad for its good surf. El Pita This mountain sits near this countries northern boarder with Hundra. It snows here even though the usual temperatures are in the 70s-90s Tourist set out in one of many forest trails on Mexico’s big mountain.

7 GUACAMOLE  2 ripe avocadoes  ½ red onion minced  1-2 serrano chiles steemed  2 table spoons cilantro chopped  1 tbl spoon fresh lime  ½ teaspoon coarse salt  dash of freshly grated black pepper  ½ ripe tomato seeds and plump removed 1.Cut and then scoop out seed of avocado ʻ s 2.Use a fork to roughly mash the avocado add chopped onions and cilantro and lime add chili peppers depending on how you want your hotness Chilling tomatoes will hurts its flavor so add after ready. 3.Cover with plastic wrap directly to the surface to prevent oxidation refrigerate until ready. 4.Just before serving, chop the tomato’s and add to guacamole and mix.


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