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Population: 17.46 million Absolute location of Santiago: 33.4500° Area: 756,096 square kilometers.

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1 Population: million Absolute location of Santiago: ° Area: 756,096 square kilometers


3 Chile is positioned in both the western and southern hemispheres. It’s located on the western and and southwestern coast of South America, and bordered by Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and by the Pacific Ocean.


5 The Andes mountain: The Andes mountain is the longest in the world, it extends from Venezuela all the way down to the southern tip of Chile. This means that the Andes encompasses thick rain forests, the driest desert in the world, ancient ruins, gorgeous lakes, ski resorts, threatening volcanos – all in one long mountain range.

6 Chiza geoglyphs - Group of large, impressive geoglyphs, showing geometric figures, humans, birds, llamas. Geoglyphs of Pintados - Large group of geoglyphs spread over a distance of 4 km. Geoglyphs have been shaped both by placing stones in rows and removing them from surfaces. Shown geometric forms similar to camels and humans. Developed in the time period from 600 to 1500 AD.

7 Incas from Peru conquer northern Chile Pedro de Valdivia begins the Spanish conquest of Chile Chile wins its independence from Spain Chile goes to war against Peru and Bolivia A new constitution grants workers extensive rights and calls for the president and congress to be popularly elected

8 Iglesia de San Francisco: This is the oldest standing building in Santiago, the museum boasts 54 paintings depicting the life and dead of San Francisco. Palacio de la real audiencia: The National History Museum holds a collection of more than 70,000 colonial era pieces. The museum will give you insight into the history of the lives of Chileans.

9 -Government: Chile is governed under the constitution of 1981 as amended. It is a multiparty democracy with a directly elected president who serves a four-year term. -Religion (philosophy): Roman Catholic 89%, Protestant 11%, Jewish NEGL% -Social programs: Education: Chile has a diverse education system, the different levels being divided into preschool, primary school, secondary school, and higher education.

10 Chile's economy is based on the export of minerals, which account for about half of the total value of exports. The Vale of Chile is the country's primary agricultural area; its vineyards are the basis of Chile's wine industry. The dependence of the economy on copper prices and the production of an adequate food supply are two of Chile's major economic problems. Chile's main imports are petroleum and petroleum products, chemicals, electrical and telecommunications equipment, industrial machinery, vehicles, and natural gas.


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