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1 Kenya

2 Map of Kenya

3 Kenya’s Flag

4 Country Quick Facts Kenya
Capital City: Nairobi Population: 39 million Main Religions: Christianity, animism, Islam Main People Groups: 99 percent African, mainly Kikuyu, Luhya, and about 40 other tribes. The rest are Europeans, Asians, and Arabs. Main Languages: English and Swahili (both official), and more than 60 tribal languages.

5 More Quick Facts Kenya Location: Kenya is in East Africa, just below and to the left of the Horn of Africa, the part that sticks out like a rhino’s horn into the Indian Ocean. Kenya is about the size of our State of Texas. The Land: Along the coast are beautiful beaches and rain forests. The land in the south is good for growing food. In the northern desert, people move their animals from one place to another to find food.

6 More Quick Facts Kenya Weather: Near the ocean, the weather is hot and humid. The north is hot and dry. The southern part has dry seasons and rainy seasons. Animals: Kenya is famous for its game parks, where tourists come to see zebras, lions, elephants, giraffes, and other animals. Assemblies of God Facts: 28 U.S. Assemblies of God missionaries; 3,000 + churches and preaching points, 999,000 + people attending; 2,400 + pastors; 14 Bible schools with 1,200 + students.

7 LET’S PRAY… for all our missionaries and the pastors who work together to tell Kenyans about Jesus. that God will call more Kenyans to be pastors, children’s workers, and missionaries. for the kids of Kenya, especially the thousands who have no homes. that the Kenya Assemblies can begin more churches so all can come!

8 BGMC is caring for the Kenya’s street kids

9 BGMC provides curriculum and children’s ministries supplies
BGMC also provides food and medical supplies in Kenya

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