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Spanish-speaking countries Carribean Whats missing? To South America.

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2 Spanish-speaking countries

3 Carribean Whats missing? To South America

4 . Population: Capital: Mexico City(Distrito Federal) Money: The New Peso Languages:Spanish(off icial), Mixteca, Náhuatl, various Mayan dialects Mexico is part of North America

5 Population: Capital: Guatemala City Money: quetzal Languages: Spanish(official), various dialects of maya- quiché

6 Population: Capital: Tegucigalpa Money: lempira Languages: Spanish

7 Population: Capital: San Salvador Money: colón Languages: Spanish

8 Population: Capital: Managua Money: córdoba Languages: Spanish

9 Population: Capital: San José Money: colón Languages: Spanish

10 Population: Capital: Panama City Money: balboa Languages: Spanish

11 América Central

12 Population: Capital: Havana Money: peso, American dollar Languages: Spanish

13 Population: Capital: Santo Domingo Money: el peso Languages: Spanish(official), Creole

14 Population: Capital: San Juan Money: American dollar Languages: Spanish, English


16 Population: Capital: Caracas Money: peso Languages: Spanish(official), various indigenous languages

17 Population: Capital: Bogotá Money: peso Languages: Spanish(official), chibcha, araucano

18 Population: Capital: Quito Money: sucre Languages: Spanish(official), Quechua

19 Population: Capital: Lima Money: sol Languages: Spanish, Quechua, Aimará

20 Population: Capital: La Paz, Sucre Money: Bolivian peso Languages: Spanish, Quechua, Aimará

21 Population: Capital: Santiago Money: peso Languages: Spanish, Mapuche

22 Population: Capital: Buenos Aires Money: peso Languages: Spanish

23 Population: Capital: Montevideo Money: peso Languages: Spanish

24 Population: Capital: Asunción Money: guaraní Langauges: Spanish(official), Guaraní

25 Population: Capital: Madrid Money: Euro Langauges: Spanish(official), Catalán Gallego, Basque

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