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Bolivia By Hannah & Jack Evo Morales.

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1 Bolivia By Hannah & Jack Evo Morales

2 La Bandera Los colores de la bandera son: Verde Amarillo Rojo

3 La capital La capital de Bolivia es La Paz.

4 La Moneda (Currency) EL dinero que usa en Bolivia es Bolivian Boliviano.

5 One U.S. Dollar Equals One U.S. dollar equals 7.2 Bolivian Bolivians.

6 How many types of potatoes
There are 100 types of potatoes in Bolivia.

7 Women Hats Some women in Bolivia wear Bowler Derby Hats.

8 Chile (The Country)

9 Cities Chile has only one capital in it’s 2,672 miles long and 112 miles wide and that is Santiago

10 Money In Chile, money is called Chilean pesos and one U.S. dollar is 630 Chilean Pesos

11 Chilean foods Manjar: A favorite bread spread and baking ingredient made by boiling an unopened can of sweetened condensed milk for hours

12 Por: Alejandra, Margarita, and Gracia
The end Por: Alejandra, Margarita, and Gracia

13 By: Carolina, Cristobal ,Jaime
Colombia By: Carolina, Cristobal ,Jaime

14 The Capital of Colombia is Bogotá.

15 Currency The currency of Colombia is a Colombia Peso.
One dollar equals $2,449 pesos

16 Emeralds 90% of the worlds emeralds come from Colombia.

17 The State of New Granita
Colombia used to be called The State of New Granada.

18 ECUADOR By: Mario, Mia ,and Bruno

19 Capital The capital of Ecuador is Quito.

20 Population The Population of Ecuador is 13,927,650

21 Currency The currency of Ecuador is Sucre

22 One U.S dollar equals 25,000 Sucres.

23 Charles Darwin Charles Darwin developed his theories of evolution based on the Galapagos islands of Ecuador.

24 Distance Quito, Ecuador is miles ( kilometers) away from Washington, D.C., United States of America

25 Latitude: 0.13 Longitude: -78.30

26 Fact The latest you may arrive at an event with out being rude is 10 minutes to an hour.

27 Gracias Gracias for your time!

28 Por: Antonio Ross y Hugo Knox
Argentina Por: Antonio Ross y Hugo Knox

29 La Bandera Los colores de la bandera son: Azul Blanco Amarillo

30 La Capital La capital de Argentina es Buenos Aires

31 El dinero que se usa en Argentina es
Argentino peso

32 One US dollar equals 3.5 Argentino Pesos

33 Food The most common food Argentines eat is Beef

34 Traditions In some regions, friends and family commonly share a round of ,an herbal tea drunk from a communal cup mate

35 Paraguay

36 Paraguay Por Patricio Q Catilina K

37 La Bandera

38 La capital de Paraguay es

39 El dinero que se usa en Paraguay es

40 One U.S.dollar equals 5,165 Guarani

41 The two languages spoken in Paraguay are
Spanish and Guarani

42 A barbeque in Paraguay is called

43 Paraguay Por: Elena and José

44 La Bandera: Rojo, blanco, azul

45 La capital de Paraguay es:

46 El dinero que se usa en Paraguay es:

47 One U.S. dollar equals: 5,165.1

48 What two language are spoken in Paraguay:
Spanish and Guaraní

49 A Asado or a barbeque is a popular family gathering in Paraguay.

50 Thanks for watching our slide show
The End

51 Peru Por Samanta Bruno

52 Cities and capitals Lima the capital of Peru Abancay Alerta
Andahuaylas Andoas Arequipa Abancay Ayacucho Bagua Cajamarca Callao Caraz Cerro de Pasco Chiclayo Chimbote

53 Currency Peruvian nuevo sol currency
One us doller Equals 3.3peruvian sol.

54 What to maintain? Maintaining constant eye contact during conversation is very important.

55 Did you know ? A Peruvian work week is about 48 hours.
Which means it is 8 hours longer than a u.s. work week.

56 By Sadie Saxton and Hannah Brem
Chillin’ in Chile By Sadie Saxton and Hannah Brem

57 Shopping in Santiago In the capital (Santiago) they use the Chilean peso. One U.S. dollar equals 629 Chilean pesos. 5 million people live in the capital city.

58 Lessons in Length Chile is a very long country.
It measures 2,672 miles long. But it is only 112 miles wide

59 Tasty Treats A favorite treat in Chile is manjar.
It is a bread spread and yummy baking ingredient. It is made by boiling an unopened can of sweetened condensed milk for hours.

60 The Flag’s Foundation The Chilean flag was made official on October 18, 1817, just before Chile won it's independence from Spain. The flag was designed by Jose Ignacio Zenteno. The blue square in the canton region represents the sky, the white stripes represent the snow of the Andes Mountains and the red is symbolic of the bloodshed during the fight for freedom The single star represents the powers of the government.

61 Power Point Quiz What is the capital of Chile? A- San Juan B- Santiago
C- Washington D.C. D. Harrisburg

62 Question 2 What is the currency of Chile called?
A- Quetzal B- US dollar C- Chilean Peso D- Quarter

63 Last Question How long is Chile?
A miles B- 786 miles C- 12 miles D miles

64 Guillermo, Mariagracia y Conrado
The Great Uruguay Guillermo, Mariagracia y Conrado

65 The Currency of Uruguay
El dinero que se usa en Uruguay es peso. Un dollar equals 23 pesos

66 The Uruguayan Waters It is bordered by the Atlantic ocean, the estuary of Rio de la Plata and the two other rivers, the Uruguay and the Cuareim.

67 La Capital of Uruguay The capital in Uruguay is Montevideo.

68 GUACHO Guacho is a cowboy-like figure

69 Venezuela ‘Little Venice’

70 La Capital La capital de Venezuela es Caracas.

71 Currency Venezuelan Bolivar Fuertes 1 Fuerte = US dollars

72 Angel Falls Angel Falls is 3,212 ft. It is the highest waterfall in the world.

73 ‘Little Venice’ Venezuela means ‘Little Venice’ and was given by Spanish colonizers because coastal homes on stilts reminded them of Venice, Italy. Little Venice Venice Italy

74 Cell Phones vs. Home Phones
23.82 million people use cell phones in Venezuela on average in But only million people in Venezuela use home phones.

75 Population The population in Venezuela is 26,414,816 people.

76 BY: ANGELA, NORA, AND MAYA “I hope you enjoyed your flight!”
THE END BY: ANGELA, NORA, AND MAYA “I hope you enjoyed your flight!”

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