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Google Earth City Project

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1 Google Earth City Project

2 Spanish speaking countries and capitals
Mexico City , Mexico Caracas , Venezuela Bogotá , Colombia Quito , Ecuador Lima , Perú La Paz , Bolivia Montevideo, Uruguay Asunción , Paraguay Santiago , Chile Buenos Aires , Argentina Madrid , Spain Guatemala City , Guatemala Tegucigalpa , Honduras – San Salvador , El Salvador Managua, Nicaragua - San José , Costa Rica Panama City, Panamá Havana , Cuba - Santo Domingo , Dominican Republic San Juan, Puerto Rico

3 Step 1: Layers panel In the bottom left hand corner of Google Earth, make sure in the layers panel that you have checked the following: Borders Places of interest Panoramio Roads 3D buildings Terrain Street view

4 Locate your city in Google Earth
Type your city and country name into the search field. Use the scroll wheel on your mouse of the zoom control in Google Earth to zoom in for a closer view of your city. Spend some time exploring your city using either your mouse or the controller in Google Earth.

5 Step 1: Launch Power Point
Open a new Power Point presentation. Complete your title slide Title is the name of the city and country that you were assigned. Sub title: name, date, period #. Include an aerial screen shot of your city.

6 Step 2: Search
Go to and search for your city and country. Ex: Madrid, Spain Click on the overview of your city. On the left side, there is a heading called Things to Do. Browse these links to find ten places you could go in your city, from the vocabulary lists on the following two slides. You can also use or Insert ten new slides after the title slide and then type all ten places as the titles of these slides.

7 Step 3: Find ten of these places
el centro comercial the commercial center/mall el mall the mall el banco the bank la oficina de turismo the office of tourism la peluquería the hair salon el teatro the theater el museo the museum el parque the park el palacio de gobierno the government building el puesto de fruta the fruit stand el hotel the hotel la cuadra the block (street) la avenida the avenue la calle the street la ciudad the city el correo the post office la tienda the store la farmacia the pharmacy la plaza the square la plaza principal the main square la tienda de discos the music store el mercado the market el restaurante the restaurant el autobús the bus la escuela the school el zoológico the zoo la iglesia the church

8 la pastelería the bakery (dessert)
los limpizapatos the shoeshine la perfumería the perfume store la florería the florist la biblioteca the library el hospital the hospital la fuente the fountain la piscina the pool the department store

9 Step 4: Search for places in Google Earth
Next step is to search for the places you found on Lonely Planet (use wikipedia or google if you are having trouble finding what you need) in Google Earth. For example, search for Restuarante El Leon, Madrid, Spain. Click on the appropriate location using the links on the left side in Google Earth.

10 Step 5: Complete Content Slides
Each of your ten slides should include the following: a brief description in your own words of the place—from lonelyplanet, wikipedia, or google-- but don’t copy and paste A screen shot of the zoomed-in aerial view. A screen shot of the street view, from the closest street view bubble available.

11 My example


13 I searched for Museo Arqueologico Nacional Madrid, Spain




17 Museo Arqueológico Nacional
This museum has a collection of artifacts from Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and Spain.

18 Review of requirements
Ten different, unique places from vocab list (not ten restaurants) Title slide Ten slides Each slide: Brief description in your own words Aerial screen shot Street view screen shot

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