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Spanish speaking countries

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1 Spanish speaking countries
By: Mariana Calderon And Sheridyn Coe

2 Spain currency: Euro President: Mariano Rajoy Brey Continent: Europe
Important place: Sagrada familia this is a Roman Catholic Church in Barcelona Spain designed by Castilian architect Antoni Gaudi Capital: madrid

3 Ecuador Currency: united states dollar Capital: Quito
President: Rafael Correa Continent: South America Important Place: Tungurahua is an active stratovolcano located in the cordillera oriental of Ecuador.

4 Bolivia Capital: Sucre Currency: Bolivian Boliviano
President: Evo Morales Important Place: The Witches'’ market is a popular tourist attraction located in cerro cunbre, a mountain. Continent: south America

5 Mexico Capital: Mexico city President: Enrique Pena nieto
Currency: Mexican peso Important place:chapultepeo is one of the largest city parks in the western hemisphere continent: north America

6 El salvodor Capital: san Salvador Currency: united states dollar
Continent: north America Important place:monument al divino Salvador del mundo is a monument located on plaza el Salvador del mundo in san Salvador city

7 Costa Rica Currency:costa rican colon President: Luis Guillermo solis
Continent: north America Important place: monteverde cloud forest reserve is a costa rican reserve located along the tilaran capital: San jose

8 Domican Rebublic Currency: dominican peso Capital: santo domingo
Continent: North America President: danilo meding Important place: The Cathedral of Santa Maria la menor in the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo is dedicated to St.Mary of the Incarnation.

9 Chile Currency: Chilean Peso President: Michelle Bachelet
Continent: South America Important Places: Cerro San Cristobal is a hill in central-northern Santiago, Chile Capital: Santiago

10 Guatemala Currency: Guatemalan quetzal Capital: Guatemala City
President: Otto Perez Molina Important Places: Tikal is the ruins of an ancient city found in a rainforest in Guatemala

11 Philippines Currency: philippine peso President: Benigno Aquino lll
Continent: Asia Important Places: Borcacy is a small island in the philippines Capital: Minlia

12 Colombia Currency: Colombian peso President: Juan Manuel Santos
Continent: South America Important Places: Monserrate is a mountain that dominates the city center of Bogota, the capital city of Colombia Capital: Bogota

13 Peru Currency: Peruvian nuevo sol President: Ollanta Humala
Continent: South America Important Places: Machu Picchu also Machu Pikchu is a 15th- century Inca site Capital: Lima

14 Uruguay Currency: Uruguayan peso President: Jose Mujica
Continent: South America Capital: Montevideo Important Places: Pocitos is an upscale beach barrio in Uruguay’s capital city, Montevideo

15 Paraguay Currency: Paraguayan guarani President: Horacio Cartes
Continent: South America Capital: Asuncion Important Places: Itaipu Dam is a hydroeletric dam on the Parana River

16 Puerto Rico Currency: United Stated dollar President: Barrack Obama
Continent: North America Capital: San Juan Important Places: Old San Juan, is the oldest settlement and is historic

17 Equatorial guinea Currency: Central African CFA franc
President:Teodoro Obiang Nguema Continent: Africa Important place:Monten Alen National Park is founded in equatorial Guinea it was established in 1990 capital:Malabo

18 Nicaragua Currency: Nicaraguan cordba Continent: north America
Capital: Managua President: Daniel Ortega Important place: old Cathedral of Managua is a Cathedral in Managua it was designed in and shipped from Belgium in 1920

19 Panama Currency: united states dollar, Panamanian balboa
Capital: panama city President: Juan Carlos Varela Continent: north America Important place: Bridge of the Americas is a road bridge in Panama which spans the pacific entrance to the panama canal

20 Cuba Currency: Cuban peso, Cuban convertible peso
President: Raul Castro Capital: Havana Continent: north America Important place: Gran teatro de la Habana it was built for the purpose of a social ruinion for the Galician immigrats.

21 Argentina Currency: argentine peso
President: cristina ferandez de kirchner Continent: south america Important place:la recdeta cemetary is a cemetary located in recoleta neighborhood Buenos aires

22 Venezuela Currency: Venezuelan bolivar President: Nicolas Maduro
Continent: south America Important place: Angel Falls is a waterfall in Venezuela. It is the world’s uninterrupted waterfall with the height of 979m and a plunge of 807m

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