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+Spinosaurus+ By Alex Guilmette.

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1 +Spinosaurus+ By Alex Guilmette

2 What was it? Spinosaurus means “spine lizard” It was 52.5 to 59 feet long . 20 feet high and tons in weight. The spine (sail) on it’s back could be 7 feet tall The purple dinosaur is the T-Rex orange is Giganotosaurus.

3 What’s with the sail? The function of the sail on the back of a Spinosaurus is very unusual several hypothesis have been made to explain this unusual feature. One is that it acts as a way to make the Dinosaur look more intimidating. (It’s scary enough for me thanks). Another is that the sail is merely there to collect sunlight to warm the dinosaur. This hypothesis would mean the Spinosaurus was warm blooded The third reason is that the sail is for cooling the dinosaur down.

4 Where did it live? The Spinosaurus lived in northern Africa in what is now Egypt. This supports the third hypothesis. It is believed to live near the water in the tidal flats which existed at the time.

5 What did it eat? Scientists are not sure if Spinosaurus was a hunter or fish eater but its long head and raised nostrils lead scientists to believe it is a fish eater. The scales from the largest fish on record and Iguanodon bones have both been found in its rib cage.

6 How was it discovered The first Spinosaurus found was found in the Bahariya Valley in Egypt. It was named by a German Ernst Stromer

7 It’s in the movies! Can you guess what movie the Spinosaurus was in?
Do you think it would win in a fight with a T-Rex?

8 Jurassic park three is wrong?
A T-Rex would lose to a Spinosaurus if they fought yes, but….. The Spinosaurus was alive much earlier than the T-rex they ever would have seen each other.

9 What caused it to go extinct?
Scientists believe the Spinosaurus died because it couldn’t adapt to to changes in it’s environment.

10 Sources

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