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T-Rex By: Matthew Werner.

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1 T-Rex By: Matthew Werner

2 What is the name? Tyrannosaurus rex is first name T-Rex for short

3 Evidence of t-rex existence?
Fossils are made of plants and bones of animals We know dinosaurs used to live because there are bones or fossils

4 Evidence of t-rex existence?
I am holding a baby t-rex fossil

5 What time it lived? It lived 65 to 85 million years ago they lived in the cretaceous period

6 T-rex habitat? Most lived in forests Trees Swampy Lots of grass

7 What did it eat? T-rex was a carnivore which means meat eater. It eats plant eaters in the forest. Eat own kind when dead

8 What is a T-rex related to?
Tyrannosaurus rex (43ft long) T-rex cousins: Carnotaurus (25ft) Albertosaurus (30ft) Alloganurus (36ft) Spinosaurus (46ft) Ganotosaurus (50ft) Today: Related to birds like the chickens

9 Size comparison T-rex are 20 feet tall and over 40 feet long

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