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3 ancient very old existed in the past

4 hopeful full of hope look forward to

5 not able to do something
unable not able to do something no ability

6 confirm make sure no doubt

7 valid supported by fact

8 A VERY OLD FISH The coelacanth (SEE-luh-kanth) is an
ancient fish. It lived about million years ago. People first learned about the coelacanth by studying its fossils. Fossils are the shapes or remains left behind by something that lived a long time ago.

9 Coelacanth

10 People believed that the coelacanths
died millions of years ago. But in 1938, a fisherman caught a coelacanth near Madagascar.

11 Since then more have been caught. Now scientists are hopeful they can
protect coelacanths. They believe they can help because the scientists have learned more about the fish. Coelacanths are unable to live in the warm water near the top of the ocean. They can only live deep underwater.

12 BOY FINDS FOSSILS In 1999, twelve-year-old Miguel Avelas
amazed scientists all over the world. Miguel discovered hundreds of fossils in Patagonia, in the southern part of South America.

13 Miguel led a team of scientists to the
fossils. The scientists guessed the fossils were from a lizard. The scientists studied the fossils and were able to confirm that their idea was correct.

14 The fossils gave them valid information
that this lizard had lived more than 120 million years ago. Now they had proof that it had lived in Patagonia. Miguel’s discovery gave the scientists important new information.




18 Did a crocodile the size of a school bus once live on Earth?

19 What kind of animal was it? Its body was about 40 feet long.
That’s about the size of a school bus. Its jaws were about 5 feet long. That’s about as long as some people are tall! It had about teeth.

20 Name: Sarcosuchus Imperator (Super Croc) Length: Up to 50 feet
Weight: About 17,500 pounds Lived: About million years ago

21 This powerful creature hid in the water,
waiting for an animal to come to the river for a drink. Any animal that was grabbed by those teeth would be unable to get away.

22 Don’t worry. This toothy giant is no
longer alive today. It lived about million years ago, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. That’s about million years before human beings were around.

23 American Alligator Length: Up to 20 feet Weight: about 1,300 pounds Lives: Alive today

24 Australian Crocodile Length: Up to 23 feet Weight: About 2,000 pounds Lives: Alive today

25 Paul Sereno, a scientist, was the leader
of a team of scientists who found the bones of the animal. They discovered them in Niger, a country in Africa.

26 Sereno and his team were hopeful the bones belonged to a kind of giant
crocodile from the time of the dinosaurs. But they weren’t sure. The whole team needed to study the bones before they could confirm their theory.


28 They compared the bones to the bodies of crocodiles living today.
If the bones were similar, the theory would be valid.

29 The shape of the head and skull bones gave Sereno and his team the
proof they were looking for. The ancient bones belonged to a “Super Croc” that lived at the same time the dinosaurs lived on the Earth.

30 Sereno made copies of the bones to
keep in the United States. The original bones were sent back to the country of Niger. If you want to see the real “Super Croc,” the bones are on display in the museum there.


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