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2 Dinosaurs What do we know about them?
Dinosaurs lived on earth more than 215 million years ago They lived in most parts of the world They ruled the earth for nearly 150 million years Dinosaurs have been extinct for 65 million years Extinct – something that once alive but no longer exist anywhere on the earth

3 How Do We Know About Dinosaurs?
Paleontologist – scientist who studies fossils Fossil – what is left of a plant or animal that lived long ago Dinosaur – animal that lived millions of years ago Dinosaurs were not lizards or reptiles but many did lay eggs. Some had skin like crocodiles while others skin was much smoother.

4 How a Dinosaur Fossil is Made?
Step 1: A dinosaur lives on Earth and roams the land. Step 2: A dinosaur dies and its body lays on the land. Step 3: Over time wind and rain help to cover the dinosaurs body with mud, sand, and leaves. Step 4: After millions of years the mud, sand, and leaves turn to rock. The bones or shape of the dinosaurs body are left in the rock and create a fossil.

5 How do Scientist Get Fossils?
Paleontologist use special tools and chip fossils carefully from rocks The fossils are then taken to a museum where they are cleaned, measured, and studied. Most fossils are found in pieces Scientist try to put the fossil pieces together. Reconstruct – to rebuild or put together like puzzle pieces

6 What Have Scientist Learned From Dinosaur Fossils?
There were different types of dinosaurs: Some were small Like a chicken Some were tall 3 story building Some were plant-eaters Flat teeth Some were meat-eaters Sharp teeth

7 More Dinosaurs Some walked on 4 legs Others walked on 2 legs
Like animals today Others walked on 2 legs With 2 short arms Many could fly like birds Others swam like alligators

8 Dinosaur Names Paleontologist give each dinosaur a name that best describes it.
STEGASAURUS: Walked on 4 legs Plant-eater (flat teeth) Sharp plates on back Spikes on tail

9 Tyrannosaurus Rex Tyrannosaurus Rex means “lizard king”
One of the fiercest of all dinosaurs Meat-eater About 12ft-16ft. Tall Walked on 2 legs


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