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Slide 1 Minnesota e-Transcript Initiative. Slide 2 Agenda Minnesota e-Transcript Initiative Overview Support from the Colleges Opportunities for High.

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1 Slide 1 Minnesota e-Transcript Initiative

2 Slide 2 Agenda Minnesota e-Transcript Initiative Overview Support from the Colleges Opportunities for High Schools Secure Transcript Overview Students Senders Receivers

3 Slide 3 Minnesota E-Transcript Initiative Overview

4 Slide 4 Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC) awarded E-Transcript Initiative to Docufide in June of 2006 In May of 2007, the Minnesota Office of Higher Education agreed to the MHEC ETI State Participation Agreement All public and private high schools and colleges in Minnesota receive negotiated service discounts for Docufides Secure Transcript Service Minnesota ETI

5 Slide 5 More than 2500 colleges and universities nationwide have received transcripts from Docufide over last 5 years High schools in 30 states now electronically send transcripts through Secure Transcript Indiana Statewide e-Transcript Initiative launched 10/2005 Over 90% of schools (using 30 different types of SIS) use the service Minnesota e-Transcript launched 6/2007 Nebraska e-Transcript launched 10/2007 Alaska e-Transcript launched 12/2007 South Carolina K-12 Student Record/e-Transcript project awarded 3/08 Utah K-12 Student Record/e-Transcript project awarded 10/08 Arizona e-Transcript project awarded 10/08 Wisconsin e-Transcript project awarded 06/09 Michigan – Docufide selected, awarded 07/09 Kansas – Docufide selected, implement 2009 North Dakota e-Transcript project - Docufide selected 1/08 – pursuing funding Several additional states are currently evaluating student record/transcript exchange EXPERIENCE

6 Slide 6 e-Transcript creates a secure, paperless environment for the request & delivery of students official transcripts to all accredited colleges nationwide Benefits Students or Parents can order transcripts anytime of day or night Provides efficiency, consistency, and dramatic cost savings for schools Time Savings, enabling staff to focus on more important student matters Implemented/trained within an hour or less per school Official transcripts sent to all colleges nationwide, as well as military, scholarship funds, NCAA Clearinghouse and 3 rd party destinations such as insurance companies or employers Minnesota ETI Benefits

7 Slide 7 Minnesota ETI Progress Strong Support from the Minnesotas Postsecondary community for receiving transcripts electronically ETI Progress in Minnesota College & Universities through the state have registered to receive transcripts electronically 100% U of M campuses 100% MnSCU 4 year campuses 74% MnSCU 2 year campuses 100% MN Private College Council members Over 30,000 transcripts have been processed with eTranscript for MN schools High Schools throughout the state are registering interest and going through installation

8 Slide 8 Minnesota Approach Secure Transcript available at a significant discount Receivers: The service is free to all postsecondary institutions who register to receive transcripts electronically. Senders: Participants receive discounts of nearly 50% off Docufides normal electronic transcript delivery rates with additional discounts on installation and destinations outside of MHEC. Installation fee is $212.50 per school or $425 minimum per district Subsidizing options available to all high schools Docufide provided quote based on senior count Per request basis by students (no cost to schools) Transcript fee to registered institutions is $2.55 Transcript fee for transcripts mailed on the schools behalf is $4.25 Ability to collect additional surcharge from the students for the school

9 Slide 9 NON-INTRUSIVE TECHNOLOGY SCOPE OF SERVICES Unique capture capabilities from ANY SIS Minnesota-ready with experience working with: Skyward, PowerSchool, Infinite Campus, PeopleSoft SISs No hardware required – simple software download Sending school controlled process

10 Slide 10 IT Specialist works with Docufide Support through installation and testing process upon receipt of contract Installation & Testing Identify Primary Contacts

11 Slide 11 Student Request Process

12 Slide 12 Full service Secure Transcript allows for the online processing of all student and alumni requests, accessed from a link placed on the schools website. Secure Transcript Includes: Secure student/parent registration, requesting & order trackingSecure student/parent registration, requesting & order tracking A comprehensive database of colleges and scholarship fundsA comprehensive database of colleges and scholarship funds FERPA compliant delivery to any other destination globallyFERPA compliant delivery to any other destination globally Intuitive school interface allowing for review and approval of all requestsIntuitive school interface allowing for review and approval of all requests ANGRY TROUT HIGH ANGRY TROUT HIGH Student Request Process

13 Slide 13 Students/alumni register and create an account with Docufide, allowing for online request processing to colleges/universities and third-party destinations globally. Student Request Process

14 Slide 14 Student searches our database of all colleges & universities nationwide. Multiple destinations can be searched and selected. If allowed (school preference) students can also send to 3 rd party destinations. Student Request Process

15 Slide 15 3 rd party destinations can be delivered to in a FERPA compliant manner. Student Request Process

16 Slide 16 Student reviews destinations and confirms that selections are correct. When school subsidized, no fee appears for colleges and universities nationwide. Student Request Process

17 Slide 17 Student reviews and accepts online agreement. Student Request Process

18 Slide 18 If required (not subsidized) student processes payment online. Student Request Process

19 Slide 19 Students can track their requests online and will also receive confirmation emails when their request is received, approved by the school registrar, and upon delivery. Automatic Email Notifications Student Request Process

20 Slide 20 Sending School Process

21 Slide 21 e-Transcript provides administrators with a secure online To-Do List, where all student and alumni transcript requests are quickly reviewed and processed for delivery. Sending School Process

22 Slide 22 The Docufide Virtual Printer is used to electronically upload student transcripts securely to Docufide for processing. Transcripts can be sent individually or in a batch. Sending School Process

23 Slide 23 PDF XML Transcript Formats

24 Slide 24 PDF Transcript Docufide delivers a comprehensive dataset in the header of each transcript, including a unique ID#, creation date, and applicant tracking # (if provided by student) Docufides PDF carries transcript data in a standard format, no matter the sending schools structure. Consistent student, school, course and credit information allow for ease of review and import into document management systems.

25 Slide 25 PDF Transcript Each transcript carries a unique ID #, allowing the recipient to verify its authenticity online. Docufide also includes an embedded electronic signature, ensuring a transcripts validity is maintained post delivery.

26 Slide 26 Reports

27 Slide 27 Real-time reports are available for sent or received transcripts, with results exportable to Excel for further data analysis. Reports

28 Slide 28 Directory

29 Slide 29 School contact and profiles are available online for all participating colleges and high schools. Directory

30 Slide 30 References

31 Slide 31 Students I love the no-hassle aspect of Secure Transcript. I didn't have to worry about gathering any information on my own; Secure Transcript did all of the hard work for me. -Natalie Jones, CA Student High Schools Docufide has been an incredible resource to our school and school district. Their product performs extremely well (as well as or better than I expected - after reviewing their marketing documents). Customer service is exceptional (they say what they mean and mean what they say). Initial electronic transmission was planned and implemented flawlessly. Docufide is sincerely one of the best technology/educational support organizations I have had the pleasure to associate in my past 23 years in education. -Dr. Randall W. Peterson, Principal, Eastview High School, MN Colleges The University of MinnesotaTwin Cities strongly supports the electronic submission of transcripts from secondary schools. We feel that both students and educators can benefit from electronic submission: Students can easily request transcripts and follow-up on their delivery, high school counselors and registrars can easily send and track information, and our staff members can more quickly receive and process transcripts. -George Hudachek, Senior Associate Director of Admissions - University of Minnesota State Agencies We are very pleased to be able to offer this service to our students. It saves time, worry and money for students, as well as for high school guidance counselors and post secondary admissions people. Our relationship with Docufide throughout this process has been excellent. -Dr. Suellen Reed, Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Why Docufide? Why Docufide?

32 Slide 32 Contact Information OHE Initiative Website: Docufide Website: Docufide Minnesota Project Manager: Heather House 763-767-4716

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