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Albany ePAY online overview Albany Software

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1 Albany ePAY online overview Albany Software

2 Contents  Introduction  What is Albany ePAY online?  How does it work?  What are the benefits?  Processing a Payment  Step-by-step guide  Registration and Set-up  What is the registration process?  What about security?  Summary

3 Introduction  What is Albany ePAY online?  How does it work?  What are the benefits?

4 What is Albany ePAY online?  A web-based Bacs submission service  Handles payments and Direct Debit collections  Eliminates the need for on-premises software or infrastructure  Quick & easy way of anytime, anywhere payment submission  Structured on volume, monthly or prepaid tariff pricing

5 How does it work?  Login using a secure URL, username and password  Three easy steps to submitting a payment: 1.Upload the file 2.Select payment date and validate 3.Confirm and submit  Provides confirmation of file for onward submission to Bacs  Customers must be sponsored by their bank and issued a Service User Number (SUN)

6 What are the features?  Bacs 3-day payments, Direct Debit collections and DDI’s  HMRC Real Time Information compliant  Cloud-based service  Easy to use User Interface

7 What are the benefits?  No upfront outlay, maintenance or upgrade costs – only initial set up costs  No on-premises solution to install or manage  No staff training required  Ability to submit from anywhere at any time  Pay for what you need

8 Processing a payment Simplicity of processing a payment

9 Step One – Upload payment file  On logging in, you are prompted to ‘Make a Payment’  Here you can browse and upload your payment file

10 Step Two – Select payment date and validate  Confirm that you have uploaded the correct payment file  Select the payment date for your payments  Validate the file and check for any errors or warnings

11 Step Three – Confirm and submit  Following payment file validation, confirm details are correct  Submit the file for onward processing to Bacs

12 Successful submission  The payment is submitted and will be processed by Bacs  On receipt, Bacs emails to advise of submission notifications and reports available for review

13 Other features  Albany ePAY online will advise you of:  The number of Bacs credits  The number of Bacs Direct Debits  The number of Direct Debit Instructions in the file

14 Other features continued…  Detailed report flags up:  Warnings/errors with bank account information or payment values  Duplicate files  Exceeded limits (based on user profiles)

15 Registration and set-up  What is the registration process?  What is Know Your Customer (KYC)?

16 What is the registration process? 1.Register for an account with Albany via ‘My Account’ 2.Place order for Albany ePAY online 3.Acknowledgement and Know Your Customer forms will be sent to you 4.Customers to submit:  Forms  Sample file  SUN 5.Albany sets up the customer account and begins test process 6.Once successful Albany sets the customer’s account to ‘Live’

17 What is ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC.)?  “Know Your Customer” is critical as it enables us to verify:  Your identity and that of your employer  That you are authorised by your company to make payments  As such, Albany will:  Request details and signatures of company contacts using the service  Send a registration letter to a Director  Enable ‘named’ users to set up their own unique login details  Complete personal identity checks  Albany will be effecting payments on your company’s behalf, KYC is necessary to protect us and you

18 In summary  We have…  Introduced Albany ePAY online  Covered its benefits to your business  Demonstrated and shown how simple processing a payment can be  Outlined the security measures  And explained the registration process  Albany ePAY online is simple, quick and easy

19 Get in Touch  Email us:  Speak to us today: 01420 547650  Visit our website:  Subscribe to our newsletters:  Follow us on twitter: @AlbanySoftware  Stay connected on LinkedIn: Albany Software

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