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Victor Orizondo, Ryan McNelis, Sal LaManna. Brought up by Zulu nanny Had a rough childhood Becomes a hero due to his insecurity and vulnerability We can.

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1 Victor Orizondo, Ryan McNelis, Sal LaManna

2 Brought up by Zulu nanny Had a rough childhood Becomes a hero due to his insecurity and vulnerability We can relate to him as a hero Excels in boxing

3 German music teacher Becomes Peekay’s piano teacher then best friend. Represents logic and reasoning Arrested for being an illegal alien Finds “Crystal cave of Africa” and makes that the place where he passes away

4 Also know as “Yellow Peter” Peekay’s boxing coach Is know as an “artist” He is a criminal yet a great friend to Peekay He is the mediator between the English and Afrikaans boys at school He is murdered by a prison guard.

5  Rich jewish boy  Teaches Peekay how to gamble  They are both considered “outsiders”  Peekay wants to be law partners with him

6  Works at the prison  Is a boxing coach  His brother is a famous boxer  Jack Hammer Smit avenges Geel Piet’s death for Peekay which sparks their relationship

7 By:Kelsey&Jessica

8  The enactment of the apartheid laws began in 1948  They laws touched every aspect of social life, including a prohibition of marriage between non- whites and whites  In 1950, the Population Registration Act required that all South Africans be racially classified into one of three categories:  White  Black(african)  Colored(mixed)  The Department of Home Affairs (a government bureau) was responsible for the classification of the citizenry.

9  Non-compliance with the race laws were dealt with harshly.  All blacks were required to carry ``pass books'' containing fingerprints, photo and information on access to non-black areas.


11 Power of One: Symbolism Sarah Clements Matt Finn Alex Gross

12 Full Moon Death- the loss of a person or thing, meaning a great deal to someone. In both occurrences of death in the book, Grandpa Chook and Geel Piet, happened on a full moon.

13 Full Moon Throughout the book we see occurrence the full moon. It is one of the last things that we see in the book. This time when we see it, it doesn’t necessarily mean death, but a hatred of the jungle and his life there.

14 The Snake First represent Peekay’s circumcision “Hatless snake” Black mamba snake symbolizes of imminent danger

15 Tadpole A symbol of Hope. Black Mine workers see Peekay as a beacon of Hope. Peekay tried to shun the tadpole.

16 Power of One: Character Analysis Lizzy Stewart, Christina Casella, Danielle Wong

17 The Judge Cruel and Neurotic Leader of kids his age Brain washed by government and family Unsympathetic towards the weak Symbolizes: Peekay’s drive to become a boxer  Small beat Big  Shoves feces through Peekay’s hair  Praises Hitler

18 Grandpa Sweet and calm ▫ But racist towards Afrikaans Created a garden in remembrance of his wife Tells Peekay unrelated stories  About wife Loves Peekay and respects everything he does “Parting, losing the thing we love the most, that’s the who business of life, that’s what it’s mostly about.” (p. 135)

19 Peekay’s Mother Born Again Christian after mental hospital ▫Brought people to God, especially Peekay. Rejected Peekay’s actions ▫because of her brainwashed faith. Wasn’t a mother figure for Peekay. “’Just a moment! You have not apologized for your behavior.’ Her eyes were suddenly sharp with anger.”

20 Big Hettie Vulgar and Irish Alcoholic First mother figure in Peekay’s life Very influential ▫Taught him about pride and courage Loved Peekay but was very rude to everyone else “Pride is holding your head up when everyone around has theirs bowed. Courage is what makes you do it.” (p. 124)

21 Mrs. Boxall Librarian Caring and generous ▫Teaches Peekay English literature Charitable towards black prisoners ▫ brings them their families food and more. Good friends with Peekay and Doc She helps Peekay declare Doc innocent “She would often sit and read a letter to one of the prisoners from a wife, written by someone who could write in English, and as she read it to me the tears would roll down her cheeks.” (p. 225)


23  The protagonist is trying to figure out if camouflage is needed to survive or not.  Peekay thinks that standing out is not good for you and disappearing is the best type of camouflage.  He learns that his competitive nature is also a form of camouflage.  Sometimes the best camouflage is to blend in while others times it is winning.

24  Doc is the best example of coexistence of magic and logic in the Power of One.  Geel Piet finds a way to combine black magic and while logic.  Peekay has a logic narrative.

25  Peekay questions if there is a difference between boxing and fighting.  Peekay wanted to start boxing to defend him self.  He is a very good boxer but thinks of it like a “dead chicken.”

26 Angie Powers Pamela Canepa Conner Dolan

27  Describes a specific good that’s shared  Beneficial for the entire community  Positive outlook  Represents the greatest possible good

28  Based on concepts of human rights and equality  Fair and proper  Treated equal no matter what without prejudice

29  Ronald McDonald House  Housing families of hospitalized children  Social service  Provides “ home-away-from- home”  Locations; Walt Disney Pavilion/Arnold Palmer Medical Center

30  Pope Benedict XVI  Promotes working for a just ordering of society  Demonstrate social charity  Should use the “language” of natural law

31  John Hope Bryant  From Los Angeles, California  Spent last 18 years of his life as a social advocate  For financially disadvantaged  Opening HOPE centers across the country  Social investment organization


33 The Ordinary World Peekay is a white male in south Africa during WWII. He is circumcised so he is made fun of for being different. he is bullied by a kid named "judge" because of him being different. Only "real" friend he has is grandpa chook his chicken. however before he leaves his school grandpa chook gets stoned to death by "judge".

34 The Call to Adventure Peekay refuses the call because he either thinks that he wouldn't be able to get the job done or does not to be a part of it. After Inkosi-Inkosikazi cures his bedwetting and Peekay returns to boarding school after the break, Peekay does not do anything else to change his current situation. The medicine man instilled the power in Peekay, yet he chooses to do nothing with it. Instead he manifests himself into his new pet chicken, Granpa Chook. This is Peekay’s way of not coming to terms with his situation and not taking a stand for himself against the older Afrikaners.

35 Refusal of the Call Peekay ignores Morrie’s idea of taking up boxing.

36 Meeting With The Mentor Supernatural Guide:  Medicine Man Sidekicks/Mentors:  Grandpa Chook  Hoppie  Doc  Morrie

37 Crossing the Threshold The first event where Peekay leaves the traditional/ Ordinary world and enters a new world with new surroundings is when his first boxing match takes place and when he wins.

38 Approach Hoppie Groenewald gives Peekay the confidence to begin his journey towards his goal of becoming the welterweight champion of the world.

39 The Ordeal Uniting the tribes:  Peekay imitates the Spirit of South Africa  Discovers that race and skin color does not define a person’s character. When Peekay starts wetting the bed and they call the medicine man and he educates Peekay to separate himself from the physical world and crosses into the spiritual world.

40 The Reward The main reward that Peekay received was getting something in return for the hero's journey after he taught others that lessons that he has learned.

41 The Road Back Is about him learning to box and winning his fights

42 The Resurrection When he fights Judge at the end of the story.

43 Return With The Elixir He continues to box and strives to become the welter weight champion.

44 The Hero’s Journey

45 The Hero’s Inner Journey

46 Plot Map By: Noel Gubatan Chris Hoffmann-Grant Andrew Torres

47  Peekay’s hatred towards Jaapie, “The Judge”, for killing Grandpa Chook.  Inkosi-Inkosikazi introduces “The Power of One” to Peekay, which helps him in all of his difficult situations.  Hoppie introduces Peekay to boxing.  Jaapie gives Peekay something to fight for.

48  Peekay’s terrible childhood which he has to overcome.  His ongoing struggle to fully understand “The Power of One”, his ambition to fight through all of his tough challenges he faces through his journey.

49  Geel Piet’s death.  Doc’s death.  His loss of the Rhodes scholarship.  His near death experience in the mines.

50  The Climax isn't until the very end of the novel.  It is when Peekay meets his arch enemy from the beginning of the story, Jaapie Botha. He knocks him out and carves a Union Jack and his initials over his swastika.

51  After knocking out “The Judge” Peekay leaves his body in a pool of blood and vomit.  He avenged Grandpa Chook and the Loneliness Birds, which have always bothered him, have left.  His prevailing individuality, hence “The Power of One” has come out in him and a sense of accomplishment settles in.

52  “I had become an expert at camouflage. My precocity allowed me, chameleonlike, to be to each what they required me to be.”  This quote pertains to Peekay’s continuous need to camouflage himself in a group so that he is not singled out  The removal of this camouflage reveals his inner spirit, hence “The Power of One”.

53  “You know what P.K stands for? Piss Kop. Piss Head…let’s piss on the Piss Kop” –Jaapie  This shows how Jaapie causes many of Peekay’s problems as a child.  Peekay later avenges The Judge’s harsh treatment.


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