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An Archetypal Hero, the Hero’s Journey, and a Hemingway Code Hero

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1 An Archetypal Hero, the Hero’s Journey, and a Hemingway Code Hero
We Need a Hero! An Archetypal Hero, the Hero’s Journey, and a Hemingway Code Hero

2 Wait…there’s a pattern?
Joseph Cambell 1940s The Hero with a Thousand Faces Identified underlying patterns in myths, stories, and spiritual traditions Brought public’s attention to them and created language with which to uncover and communicate the archetypes in narratives He is the guy who brought us readers the Hero’s Journey….HOORAY!!!!

3 It really is EVERYWHERE
Even though you might not know it yet, almost every narrative you read, person’s life story you hear, and movie you see will have some or all elements of the Hero’s Journey …yes… Superbad, The Odyssey, your grandmother’s life story, YOUR life story, Star Wars, Shrek, Old Man and the Sea…and on and on and on

4 So What is an Archetypal Hero Anyway?
Unusual circumstances of birth; sometimes in danger or born into royalty Leaves family and lives with others An event, sometimes traumatic, leads to an adventure or quest Hero has a special weapon only he can wield Hero always has supernatural help Hero must prove himself many times while on adventure The Journey Hero experiences atonement with the father figure When the hero dies, he is rewarded spiritually

5 There are 7 Archetypes in a Journey (Characters/Beings)
Hero Mentor Threshold Guardian Herald Shapeshifter Shadow Trickster

6 …and 12 Stages to the Journey
Ordinary World Call to Adventure Refusal of the Call Meeting with the Mentor Crossing the Threshold Tests, Allies, and Enemies Approach to the Inmost Cave Ordeal Reward (Seizing the Sword) The Road Back Resurrection Return with the Elixir

7 And Hemingway has a different Hero?
Hemingway Code Hero A man’s man – drinking, love affairs, bull fights, etc. Involved in things the typical male is not Does not talk about what he believes in Man of action rather than theory Not a talker, a doer

8 Driven by Death… Death is the basis of the actions of Hemmingway’s Heroes “when you’re dead, you’re dead” Death ends all; man must seek his reward here, now, immediately Exists in large part for gratifying his sensual desires (eating, drinking, sex) Devoted to the rewards (physical pleasures)

9 Death is coming…Turn and Draw
The Hemingway Hero must avoid death at all costs Life is enjoyable…we like life…we want to live Hemingway often places his heroes in harms way and makes them choose to confront death Courage and grace under pressure Fear of death but not afraid to die; never a coward In death’s presence, a man discovers his own sense of being…his potential

10 The thing to look for in a man is… Self-Discipline
It is consistent from day to day Hemingway’s hero is never a sloppy drunk – he can hold his liquor – he is disciplined Action is important – talking about it is not Emotions….no thank you; it takes away from the importance

11 Above average please…. The Hemingway Code Hero is skilled
When he does what he is good at, he finds himself Does not put up with mediocrity Loyalty is handed in small doses Intense, personal , immediate friendships with those like him

12 To Sum it uP The Hemingway Code Hero The test of Heroism is courage
The essence of Heroism is conduct

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