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Coming of Age in Mississippi Ch. 22 Study Game. Annie Mae What has Essie Mae changed her name to by the beginning of this chapter?

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1 Coming of Age in Mississippi Ch. 22 Study Game

2 Annie Mae What has Essie Mae changed her name to by the beginning of this chapter?

3 Tougaloo Where is Moody attending college?

4 NAACP What organization is Moody a part of?

5 To gain equality for black people What is the goal of that organization?

6 She should stop helping the organization. In the beginning of the chapter, Moody gets the first letter from her mother. What does the letter tell her?

7 It keeps her from visiting home where she might put her family in danger. Why is that letter influential to Moody?

8 Jackie Robinson Who does Essie Mae meet at one of the big meetings for the organization she is in?

9 Jackson In what city is Moody living when she becomes active in the Civil Rights Movement?

10 She demands that she will be served at the counter where only whites are served. What is she demanding happen while she is there?

11 She would like to stay with them and protest, but her husband was waiting on her. One white woman comes up to Moody and tells her which of the following?

12 Woolworth Where does Moody participate in her first sit- in?

13 A noose What does one person make at the demonstration to intimidate those who were protesting?

14 She is slapped across the face and shoved against a counter. What physical violence happens to Moody while she is at the sit-in?

15 He gets hit with brass knuckles. What physical violence happens to John Salter, the white man at the counter with Moody?

16 A disease What does Moody say that Mississippi whites have?

17 A salon to get her hair washed Where does Moody go immediately after the first sit-in?

18 Getting to use the same post office mail boxes Which of the following was NOT a demand that the “delegation of Negro ministers” made to the mayor?

19 Garbage Truck Moody discusses a boy who was being taken to jail in a vehicle that is too full. The boy falls off and is run over. On what vehicle was he riding?

20 He wants other parts of the country to think he has everything under control He will bribe them to write about the news in favor of the white people. He does not want the movement to receive any encouragement from the news. What does the Mayor mean when he tells the news media that he will give them free transportation and anything else they want if they would “adequately” portray the facts?

21 They are supposed to be community leaders and are acting like children by being scared in jail. Why does Moody criticize the ministers she gets put in jail with?

22 He wants to punish the protesters and make them think twice about protesting in the future. When Moody is put into the paddy wagon and taken to the fair grounds, the officer rolls up the windows and turns on the heat in the vehicle. Why does he do this?

23 He is almost lynched by a group of white boys. What does Adeline write in her letter about Junior, their brother?

24 Medgar Evers Who is the leader of the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi during this time?

25 They knew someone was planning to kill him, and they wanted him dead. Why does Anne think the police did not follow this leader home the day he was assassinated?

26 Nazi Germany What does Moody compare the fairgrounds to when she is taken there after being arrested?

27 John Salter with a hole in his head. Aprison cook making dinner in a garbage can High school students What does Anne see while she is at the fairgrounds?

28 Those fighting for civil rights were scared that they would be killed too. The news media writes that the NAACP had split up. Many people began focusing on voter registration instead. Why does the Civil Rights Movement fall apart after the NAACP leader is assassinated?

29 churches After the funeral, Anne decides she will visit different white ______ to see if they will let her and her friends inside.

30 The ushers let them inside, and this shocks Anne. What happens at the last white place Moody and her friends visit?

31 . The whites’ prayers are working to keep their lifestyle and the blacks’ prayers to end segregation are not. Why does she think that even God is against her if she is praying to the same God as white people?

32 The minister invites them to come back. What happens when Moody and her friends leave the church?

33 What is the tone at the end of chapter 22? Hopeful

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