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Integrated Cloud Environment (ICE) 2 Lee Rummage Exec. Solutions Support Specialist Cloud Scanning Mobile Printing.

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2 Integrated Cloud Environment (ICE) 2 Lee Rummage Exec. Solutions Support Specialist Cloud Scanning Mobile Printing

3 Are you using Cloud Services?

4 Integrated Cloud Environment

5 Cloud Scanning & Printing 5 Powerful OCR, scan directly to email & cloud services Print from your tablet, smartphone or laptop

6 A Smarter Way to Scan OCR unlocks your data, turning scanned documents into completely searchable files

7 Simple to Use It’s easy to scan and route your documents to email or your cloud services

8 Simple User Interace 8 Integrated Cloud Environment main screen showing the subscribed services Sign-in to your account from the MFP's touch screen display Soft keyboard right at the MFP for easy text entry Easy scanning settings at the MFP including: color, duplex, file type, filename

9 Scan Directly to Cloud Services And many more!

10 Accounts Payable 10 Accusoft Prism Capture

11 Scan to Prism Capture from ICE 11 ****Select Prism Capture ***Scan To Prism Capture ***Verify your invoice ***Post to QuickBooks or Sage

12 Mobile Printing Challenges  Need a network connection to print  Don’t have the right printer drivers  Don’t know when or where you’ll need to print

13 Mobile Printing with Print Cloud  Print from laptop, tablet or smartphone  No print drivers  No network access needed  Any Print Cloud enabled MFP

14 How Print Cloud Works   Print Cloud holds your files securely in the cloud  You get a release code to print your documents Use workflow from Print Cloud 1 page product brief

15 Security / Platform 15 © 2012 Ricoh Americas Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

16 Compatible Models These Ricoh MFPs are compatible with Integrated Cloud Environment. 16 Older models which are not listed are also supported. Please contact your sales rep for a complete list of all supported devices.  Aficio MP 5002  Aficio MP C3002  Aficio MP C3502  Aficio MP C4502  Aficio MP C5502  Aficio MP C300  Aficio MP C400  Aficio MP C2050  Aficio MP C2051  Aficio MP C2550  Aficio MP C2551  Aficio MP C2800  Aficio MP C3001  Aficio MP C3300  Aficio MP C3501  Aficio MP C4000  Aficio MP C4501  Aficio MP C5000  Aficio MP C5501  Aficio MP C6501  Aficio MP C7501  Aficio MP 6001  Aficio MP 7001  Aficio MP 8001  Aficio MP 9001  Ricoh Pro 907EX  Ricoh Pro 1107EX  Ricoh Pro 1357EX  Aficio MP C6000  Aficio MP C7500  Aficio MP 2550  Aficio MP 2851  Aficio MP 3350  Aficio MP 3351  Aficio MP 4000  Aficio MP 4001  Aficio MP 5000  Aficio MP 5001  Aficio MP C2000  Aficio MP C2500  Aficio MP C3000  Aficio MP C3500  Aficio MP C4500  Aficio MP 5500  Aficio MP 6000  Aficio MP 6500  Aficio MP 7000  Aficio MP 7500  Aficio MP 8000  Aficio MP 9000  Aficio MP C305  Aficio MP 301SPF  Aficio MP C3003/3503  Aficio MP C3503/4503/5503  Aficio MP C2003/2503  Aficio MP 6502/8002

17 Productivity Possibilities Am I able to retrieve my files quickly? What barriers stand between me and my current processes to more easily and more securely share files? What kinds of problems occur when I’m using my scanned documents? Can I search them? Can I edit them? How do these challenges affect my productivity? What other problems does this create for my business? Productivity Possibilities: How would it affect your company if you could retrieve your files from anywhere and with virtually any device using the cloud? How do you see the easy usability and sharing of documents benefitting your operations?

18 Integrated Cloud Environment  ICE solves the technical barrier  No infrastructure investment  Scanning and Printing as a cloud service  Cloud scanning that’s easy to turn on


20 Presentations will be made available for download at: Or Email: Todd Sheppard

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