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From the Desktop to Laptops and Mobile Devices Presenter: Brenda Briseno.

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1 From the Desktop to Laptops and Mobile Devices Presenter: Brenda Briseno

2 Campus Computing Then & Now College Experience 1994 College Experience 2013

3 Typical Campus Printing Managed through print server May charge or offer free print allowances Require print drivers on the workstations Only managing campus owned computers

4 Evergreen State College Snapshot 4,500 Students GoPrint manages: 500 campus owned computers 8 printers 4 locations 5 Print Release Stations Free Printing Print totals…

5 Evergreen Print Reports (condensed)

6 Printing Report by the Numbers Report shows nearly 9 months of printing (9/17/2012 – 6/3/2013) 2,346,775 total pages submitted GoPrint prevented 354,221 pages from printing Students deleted 175,203 pages GoPrint purged 177,018 pages Evergreen does not charge for printing Savings in unprinted jobs - $10,626.63! Paid for annual support 7 times over just in unprinted documents!

7 Printing Report by the Numbers Totals includes campus owned and personal computers Standard printing with driver download Laptop printing popular on campus * From Evergreen Wiki

8 BYOD Takeover on College Campuses Wi-fi enabled devices will grow from less than 1 billion units in 2010 to over 3 billion in 2015 - Gartner Research, Mark Hung, Market Trends: Future Platforms for Wi-Fi Growth, 2011-2015, June 29, 2011

9 Emergence of BYOD Devices found on campuses Tablets Smartphones Laptops Personal desktop computers e-Readers MP3 Players Other IP connected gadgets The number of mobile-connected devices will exceed the world's population in 2013. - Cisco Visual Networking Index, Forecast Update 2012- 2017

10 BYOD Used as Teaching Tools

11 Benefits for BYOD on Campuses Teaching Tools Enhanced and interactive learning experience Data stays in one place Less hardware needed by campuses Tablet ownership has tripled among college students from 7% in 2011 to 25% in 2012 - Pearson Foundation Survey on Students and Tablets - March 2012

12 BYOD Enabled, Now What? I can use my device, but how do I print? Network constraints Print drivers Application compatibility? Printer compatibility? Laptops vs. mobile devices Is there an app for that?

13 GoPrint Mobile - BYOD Printing Wireless/Driverless printing ability Send any document, from any device, and retrieve at any enabled printer GoPrint – Breezy Partnership Supports laptop file uploads, and apps for iOS and Android devices No special printers, network set-up or drivers required!

14 How it Works – File Upload Step 1: Access the Printer Step 2: Find Document Step 3: Enter Email/Finish Step 4: Get Release Code Step 5: Enter Release Code at Pop-up or Print Release Station

15 How it Works - App Step 5: Enter Release Code at Pop-up or Print Release Station Step 1: Open App Document Type Step 2: Print & Search for Location Step 3: Select Printer at Location Step 4: Submit Options & Send Doc

16 Benefits of BYOD Printing Offers service for students Potential revenue source for campuses charging for printing Reduces cost for campus provided hardware as BYOD continues to grow

17 The Morphing Campus Experience From This To This

18 Brought to you by GoPrint Systems Sole source, sell direct, work directly with the developer Low pricing Flexible & scalable solutions Custom programming Created exclusively for higher education Likeable people … like me

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