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June 2006 © Ringgold 2006 Identify Using Institutional identifiers to Identify Markets and Streamline the Supply Chain Helen Henderson

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1 June 2006 © Ringgold 2006 Identify Using Institutional identifiers to Identify Markets and Streamline the Supply Chain Helen Henderson ”

2 What are Institutional Identifiers? Location definitions Delivery Codes Delivery Codes Inter-lending Codes Inter-lending Codes e.g. SAN, MARC Organization Codes, GLN, ISIL e.g. SAN, MARC Organization Codes, GLN, ISIL Financial/business information D-U-N-S D-U-N-S Company numbers Company numbers Tax identifiers Tax identifiers

3 University will have …. NUC code OCLC code RLIN ID DOI prefix for library SAN D-U-N-S, S&P Zip Code Publisher ID Agent ID 2. What is our DUNS number? MCGRI: 96-666-8691; MCG: 80-959-3387 3. What is MCGRI's Entity Identificatin Number, IRS Employer Identification Number (Tax ID) and Organization type? MCGRI's Entity Identification Number: 1-58-1418202- A1 IRS Employer Identification Number (Tax ID): 58-1418202 Organization Type: Private – Non-Profit 4. What is MCG’s Entity Identification Number, IRS Employer Identification Number (Tax ID) and Organization Type? MCG's Entity Identification Number: 1-58-6002053-A1 IRS Employer Identification Number (Tax ID): 58-6002053 Organization Type: Public -- State 5. What is MCG’s Institutional Profile Number? 676605 6. What is MCG’s Congressional District? A. 12 7. What is our Animal Assurance Number? The facility and program is accredited by the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International (AAALAC), a Registered Research Facility with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA No. 57-R- 0002), and has an Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare OLAW Assurance Statement (A3307-01; dated April 3, 2000) on file. 8. What is our Institutional Human Subjects Assurance of Compliance number? MCG: FWA00002533 MCGRI: FWA00002245 MCGHI: FWA00002246 VAMC: FWA00002534 9. What is our institution’s Radioactive License number? GA 7-1 Courtesy of Jim Mouw, University of Chicago

4 What are they not? Passport (source of identity) Single number (multiples, granularity) Intelligent (too complex) URLs (changing all the time)

5 What metadata is needed? Unique identifier LocationCategoryTierSizeURLCredentials

6 Why are they needed? LicensingMarketing Customer analysis AuthorizationAuthentication Optimising support of the journal supply chain

7 Licensing Big deals Consortia Consortia Opt-in and Opt-out Opt-in and Opt-out Global companies Global companiesAggregators Changes in groupings

8 Marketing Market penetration Identify gaps Renewals Institution overview (authors, editors, referees, customers)

9 Sources of information “Customer” databases Accounting system Accounting system Fulfilment system Fulfilment system Access control system Access control system CRM system CRM system Sales management system Sales management system

10 Accuracy of information Accurate end-user information when intermediates involved Subscription agents ConsortiaAggregators Identifying the actual subscriber institution Incomplete data Inaccurate data Information about non-subscribers Who are they really?

11 Getting the information out of the data Structure the data Organize the data Categorize the data Link the data …..then you have information

12 Market penetration What is my real percentage of: law firms medical schools equipment manufacturers pharmaceutical companies … in country X

13 Customer analysis Group customers Internationally Internationally By sector By sector By location By location Compare to universe Sectors Sectors Country markets Country markets

14 Market analysis Which of the top 50 subscribe and what is our total revenue from them ? Of all the companies which subscribe, and are they the biggest? What is the degree of market overlap with potential business partners

15 Market identification List all the law firms interested in healthcare in the Eastern US by size and existing customer value List all the hospitals in Italy by size and buying unit List all the Fraunhofer institutes in Germany showing existing subscriber revenue

16 Authorization & Authentication Who is the institution What rights do they have Who can exercise these rights How can they be activated IP, Athens, Shibboleth, User ID/Password, Certificates Institutional Registry

17 Why now? Journal supply chain has become more complex Publishers have more direct contact with customers Technology allows easier research into institutions Increase in large bulk negotiations Mixed institutions New authentication mechanisms Industry wide pilot

18 Streamlining the Supply Chain Customer > Agent Agent > Publisher Publisher > Distributor Distributor > Hosting Service Hosting Service > User

19 Journal Supply Chain Pilot Participants British Library British Library HighWire Publishers HighWire Publishers Ringgold Ringgold Swets Swets UK Libraries UK Libraries 9 work packages



22 Benefits for Publishers - Marketing Better marketing response measurement More effectively targeted list rental opportunities Improved knowledge of market penetration levels Easier to identify and measure the value of your most important customers Easier to assess degree of market overlap between potential business partners

23 Benefits for Publishers - Operational Identify all renewals Easier to track end-users of consolidated subscriptions Automatic institutional holdings reports Easier to merge/purge customer/subscriber lists when companies or journals change hands Usage reporting

24 Benefits for Users Reduce gaps in service Operations Operations Administration Administration Support Process Support Process Reduce delays in activation Third party – immediate action Third party – immediate action All institution holdings documented Departmental, Society, Personal Departmental, Society, Personal Usage statistics Usage statistics Complete view of institution relationships

25 Benefits for Users Easy access to archives Easy access to archives Publisher archives Publisher archives JSTOR JSTOR LOCKSS LOCKSS Portico Portico British Library British Library Registry facilities Registry facilities Central IP registration Central IP registration

26 June 2006 © Ringgold 2006 Contact details

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