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MBA – International Business Management. MBA : orientations IBM (International Business Management) IR (International Relations) BIM (Business Information.

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1 MBA – International Business Management

2 MBA : orientations IBM (International Business Management) IR (International Relations) BIM (Business Information Management)


4 MBA versus master HW => Focus is more on the international context or on the context of international/multinational enterprises

5 For whom? Generalist Generalist = specialist in the integration of different functional domains The management of the company as an entity – Understand what’s going on in different subdomains – Necessitates a helicopter view Leadership/management Coordination Synthesis Future entrepreneurs

6 How is this reflected in the programme? Understand Understand a range of functional domains – Orientation BBA3: 12 credits – Are you fascinated by the world of business in all its aspects? If you want to specialize in different fields, International Business Management is the right option for you. It provides you with an overview of the many different aspects of the management of organizations and companies. – Master: Business process and operations, Actual topics in marketing, International management Integrate Integrate subdomains – BBA3: business projects: choice out of three  project management skills – Master: Strategic management, Entrepreneurship, master thesis



9 Course content BBA3 Logistic Management: This course provides an integrated and comprehensive treatment of logistics and supply chain management. Students learn how firms must logically link with their supply chain partners in order to gain a market advantage. Major economic trends which fundamental influenced the supply chain processes are: ongoing advances in IT- management, increasing cost pressure, underlining the role of quality management and customer satisfaction. Also, the increasing focus on core activities causes large, often worldwide networks for supply, production and distribution.

10 Sales Management: The courses in the domain Strategy, Management and Entrepreneurship develop the necessary management knowledge and skills. The bachelor program focuses on the development of a broad basic knowledge in the field of general management, corporate strategy, marketing, HRM, and on the development of skills in communication, working together in team, and negotiation in a business environment. In the master program, the students perfect their management skills by studying complex management questions and solving practical business problems.

11 Management Accounting II: The courses within the domain of Business Science allow students to gain knowledge and develop competences in the following subjects: accounting, tax, finance and risk management, information management. Due to the importance of and the close link with knowledge of the legal system and the broader management perspective, these subjects are also integrated in the curriculum. The registration and analysis of financial information are essential competences for business students. Reliable financial information is the basis for numerous business decisions to be taken by various internal and external stakeholders of the organization (e.g. current and/or future shareholders, management of the organization, financial institutions, creditors, etc.) Whereas in the 'principles of management accounting course' the focus lies on costing products and services, and on the related cost accounting and cost management systems, the first part of this course focuses more on how costs react to changes in the activity level and how this relationship can be modeled using statistical techniques. This cost behavior perspective is more useful for planning & control purposes and for decision making. It will be demonstrated how this perspective is useful in making certain decisions. In the second part of the course, students are confronted with the concept of management control systems. The emphasis lies here on the use of standard costs, budgets, and variance analysis as a planning and control tool and on the use of financial and non-financial performance indicators to control an organization.

12 Business Projects If you take the International Business Management orientation programme, Business Projects in the third year offers you the opportunity to experience a complete decision-making process at management level. Three challenging choices from which you pick one: Dealing with a practical problem a company faces Offering support in export decisions Drawing your own business plan Nkora Nkoranigwa (Tanzania) “I have excellent memories from my BBA experience at HUB. Not that the program was easy, but because it challenged me to grow! The program was designed to benefit the students. It takes full advantage of the ‘team approach’ and still equips the individual to make educated decisions”

13 More detailed info ECTS: English/Economics__Management/Bachelor_of_Business_Administration/Bachelor_of_Business_Administrati on-Study_Programme__Course_Information_%28ECTS%29.html

14 MBA: orientation IBM The MBA IBM prepares you for management positions in organizations and companies. It is a comprehensive programme and employment opportunities are numerous and diverse. In the first stage of their carreers, graduates are mainly employed in financial, administrative, and commercial departments of organizations and companies (e.g. companies in the financial sector and management consultancy firms). In the further stages of their carreers, they start to work on middle and higher management levels.

15 Programme


17 More info Business/Master_of_Business_Administration/Major-International-Business- Management/MBA_-_International_Business_Management- Study_Programme__Course_Information_(ECTS).html

18 Business orientation Master thesis: company project! – own proposal or check online availability Internship: outside curriculum

19 Job perspectives? General management functions Analist company processes Project management Own business -> economic crisis and entrepreneurship: TEA only 5%

20 Some employers Government – Banking Sector – Big Four Audit & Consulting – International companies (Coca-Cola – Toyota/Honda – IBM – P&G/Unilever - SD Worx – Siemens – Samsonite …) – own business

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