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C HINA : Y UAN, M ING & Q ING D YNASTIES Mongols, Han & Manchus.

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1 C HINA : Y UAN, M ING & Q ING D YNASTIES Mongols, Han & Manchus

2 T HE M ONGOLS Wait for it! Genghis Khan Born 1167, son of khan of Yakka tribe Succeeded in uniting Mongol tribes through military strategy and organization Continued conquering until Mongol territory looked like this

3 Y UAN D YNASTY (1279-1368) 1260- Kublai Khan (grandson to Genghis) becomes emperor of China Controlled Beijing, but wanted control of Southern China as well, succeeds 1279- Yuan Dynasty (Mongol Dynasty) founded Abandons nomadic lifestyle and settles in Beijing Succeeded in conquering Korea Fails to conquer Japan- kamikaze “divine wind”

4 Y UAN D YNASTY Mongols placed their own or foreigners in the highest government posts Lived mostly apart from Chinese Restored the Grand Canal Mongol Peace allowed more trade along Silk Road Arguments over succession, rebellions and flood, famine & disease led to downfall

5 M ING D YNASTY Hongwu- commanded rebel army that removed Mongols from power in 1368, becomes 1 st Ming emperor Return to agriculture & Confucian ideals People of the Han Tyrannical ruler; killed thousands in gov’t purges Yonglo Encouraged exploration Zheng-He- 7 voyages 1405-1433 After 7 th voyages, government stopped supporting exploration Moved capital to Beijing- Forbidden City- isolationist

6 M ING D YNASTY Contact with Foreign Countries Government was supposed to conduct all trade Manufacturing heavily taxed, agriculture favored The Fall Ineffective rulers, corruption bankrupt government- fighting off Japanese High taxes and bad harvests led to rebellion

7 Q ING (P URE ) D YNASTY (M ANCHUS ) Li Tzu-ch’eng led rebellion against Ming- end of Ming dynasty Ming family invited Manchu to help them re-take the throne Manchus drive Li Tzu-ch’eng out of Peking, but claim the throne for themselves

8 Q ING D YNASTY At first, Manchus treated Han badly- hairhair Kangxi- realized Manchus were outnumbered Reduced taxes Upheld Confucian beliefs & social structures Scholar & patron of arts Supported by intellectuals Qian-long Dutch, kowtow Korea-vassal state- growing Korean nationalism

9 L IFE D URING THE Q ING D YNASTY Agriculture improves during Qing dynasty Population explosion Sons favored- needed to perform religious rituals & care for aging parents Female infanticide Women worked in home or textile mills

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