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2 Outline Vision Clients Services and Products Marketing and Promotion Logistics SWOT Goals Pricing Estimated Financials Conclusion

3 Vision We R Learned is an independently run business, which provides research in educational and management strategies, and Seminars in implementing effective educational and management techniques. We R Learned also provides many other research services which can be tailored specifically to client needs.

4 Clients Public, Academic, and Special Libraries Educational Institutions and Programs Including, but not limited to:  Schools  Department’s of Education  Libraries  After School Programs  Tutoring Services

5 Services & Products Management Training Research information about current management strategies in schools and libraries. Research management seminars for businesses to meet specific requirements. Evaluate the management strategies currently used by the institution and provide recommendations based on findings. Conduct management seminars

6 Services & Products Teaching Strategies Compile resources about methods of teaching students, with specific learning disabilities or for classes. Seminars about current teaching trends, available online and in person. Provide training sessions practicing teaching strategies to schools, libraries, parents, and afterschool programs which provide tutoring.

7 Services & Products Research Research Grant Opportunities; provide information about current opportunities to institutions looking for funding. Write or edit grant applications for schools, libraries, or other nonprofit organizations. Evaluate current policies from other schools and libraries, to assist development and evaluation of new policies. Conduct SWOT analysis for schools and libraries that are based on the individual organization. Research fundraising opportunities for libraries and schools which are unique and interesting. Research demographics for schools and libraries to assist with program development in schools, libraries, and other nonprofit organizations.

8 Marketing & Promotion Speaking and Teaching  One day training sessions, specifically to school staff during in- service days, and online trainings which can be accessed by both schools and libraries.  Effective teaching methods, management strategies, and teaching environmental education through required curriculum are some examples of recent topics that We R Learned has provided sessions for.

9 Marketing & Promotion Continued Newsletters  Mailing newsletters to individuals who would potentially be interested in services. These newsletters will be electronic format. Business Cards with a professionally created logo. Website created by a professional. Brochures- With testimonials, contact information, and website link. Join Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP) and attend conferences.

10 Logistics Office Space- create a home office with computer, desk, filing cabinet, fax machine, printer, and appropriate software. Have professional create business logo. Obtain a domain name and have a professional create the business website. Print brochures and business cards. Phone- Set up an additional business line with an answering machine. E-mail- Set up a business account email address. Meet with an accountant to set up initial taxation documentation. Purchase software and develop a system for accounting aspects of the business. Including:  How to bill clients.  When business bills are paid. Research and contact other AIIP’s for hints in logistics of starting AIIP business.

11 SWOT’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats Strengths  Determination to succeed.  Work experience in Human Resources, Finance, and Accounting Departments.  Strong organizational skills.  Strong time management skills. Weaknesses  Very little marketing background, complete additional research and/or coursework in marketing strategies.  Lack of expertise in a specific environment. Focus on finding a specific niche for We R Learned.  Lack of financial backing. Begin the business full time, with an additional part time job to supplement income.

12 SWOT’s- Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats Continued Opportunities  A web based business that meet a specific niches needs, can succeed as a distance business.  Online training programs are favored by businesses, because of the flexibility allowed to employees. Threats  A poor economy, a start up business would be challenging to build up clientele.  Other Internet based staff training businesses.  Competition: Librarywillie Research and Consulting  Grant writers and Fundraising Consultants

13 Goals Prior to Start Up-  Create business logo, website, business cards, brochures and business plan.  Create a list of contacts.  Set up accounts payable.  File with the government for appropriate tax identification number.  Set up appropriate office environment, including phone lines (if necessary use phone line to receive faxes) Six Months-  Have signed at least two clients.  Continue extensive marketing.  Seek out teaching opportunities for the agencies described in clients.

14 Goals Continued One Year-  Create and sell access information to an online training session for three of the agencies described in clients.  Continue to market services to list of contacts, increase contact list by 25%.  Have six signed clients and book at least two seminars or trainings.  Review financial aspects of business, monies collected verses costs. Five Years-  Attended professional conference for AIIP’s.  At least 1 conference or training a year.  Provided training sessions the agencies described in clients.  At least 5 trainings a year.  Have signed 20 clients, approximately 35 billable hours a week.  Continue to market services to expanded list of contacts, increase contact list by 30%.  Consider the potential value in completing additional educational coursework in marketing, management, and education.  Attend at least one course which will assist my professional development every semester.

15 Pricing Research  Per hour fee (plus expenses).  To start $60.00 (plus expenses)  Minimum one hour.  Shall-not-exceed project fee.  Consider flat project fees for some projects. Trainings  Flat project fees (consider potential expenses when setting this fee).  $500-?  Cost based on expenses, time researching, and client requests.

16 Start Up Costs Six Months Domain Name $20.00 annually  Bryson Grygla, Create and trouble shoot for site. Computer & Printer-  Bryson Grygla, create using extra parts side jobs, estimated cost $300.00 total. Includes computer, printer, fax and copy machine. Logo-  Michelle Wiggley Graphic Designer $100.00 ATT- Internet, Business Phone Cost $130.00 a month. Home Office  Household costs- Bryson Grygla pays these expenses. Business Cards: Staples 500 for $32.00 Brochures: 500 for $100.00 (discount from Michelle Wiggley, copy center employee) Use current school desk and filing cabinet. With only two clients  Estimated work load of 5 hours a week.  Hourly rate $60.00  Estimated $300.00 billed weekly $7,800.00 - Costs $780.00 (6 months) - Start Up $682.00 $6,338.00 Estimated Financials Estimated Initial Costs -$682.00

17 Conclusion The challenge of starting an AIIP business are extensive. However, having a well developed business plan will help the business owner to succeed. Prior to beginning such a large undertaking, I would need to evaluate my current financial situation and knowledge base. As a potential small business owner, it may be necessary to take courses in Small Business Development prior to beginning the business for my own sense of wellbeing.


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