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Tools and training for volunteer and service programs The Resource Center.

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1 Tools and training for volunteer and service programs The Resource Center

2 Its the best source for connecting service and volunteer organizations with targeted training and information. Whats the Resource Center?

3 Provides training and technical assistance to Corporation grantees, community-based organizations, and nonprofits that use volunteers to strengthen communities. Facilitates information-sharing among Corporation grantees: Senior Corps, AmeriCorps, VISTA, NCCC, and Learn and Serve America. Connects potential grantees to relevant Corporation grant opportunities and capacity-building resources. What does the Resource Center do?

4 Where is the Resource Center?

5 How does the Resource Center work? SEARCH by word or phrase using the search box on every page BROWSE through a list of relevant topics to see what is offered SELECT an area of the site that you know youd like to access CONNECT with others in the volunteer and service community Site Search Browse Topics Select Resource Type Connect and Share The website allows you to…

6 Who uses the Resource Center? Volunteers, members, and staff of CNCS programs Community-based organizations Nonprofit organizations Faith-based organizations Schools And many other agencies that use volunteers

7 Whats at the Resource Center? Effective practices Lending library Online learning center Social media networking Calendar of events Sample forms Reference and referral Technical assistance More Access all resources easily and free of charge.

8 The collection offers good ideas, successful strategies, and studied results that can lead to greater program success in an easy-to-read format. Whats the Effective Practices Collection?

9 Effective practices cover a broad range of topics from tutoring and mentoring, to nonprofit management, to marketing and media. Effective Practices Collection

10 Visit the collection and find concrete guidance on specific topics, such as: - Hosting a successful web conference - Documenting in-kind contributions - Building a recruitment plan Effective Practices Collection

11 The library is a specialized collection that offers the national service community thousands of books, videos, and other materials specifically for staff and volunteer training and enrichment. Whats the Lending Library?

12 The lending library has an online system that makes it easy to request materials. Resources are shipped to your doorstep free of charge. Lending Library

13 Need help finding resources specific to your needs? Contact the library assistant any weekday. Lending Library

14 The center offers free, easy-to-use online courses and tools. Whats the Online Learning Center?

15 The Online Learning Center has a growing catalog of courses that range from financial management, to tutor training, to disability inclusion and more. Online Learning Center

16 New to online learning? One-on-one technical support is available every weekday. Online Learning Center

17 Connect and share with other programs and peers by using social media sites and tools like our e-mail discussion lists. Social Media Networking

18 Connect with your colleagues face-to-face or in webinars, search for national and local events by keyword, or submit your own event listing. Calendar of Events

19 Access sample forms submitted by programs in the field, including timesheets, reporting forms, job descriptions, and more. Tailor them to suit your own needs. Sample Forms

20 On the homepage, see the latest developments and tools in the volunteer and service world with Whats New. Whats new at the Resource Center? Read our topical monthly feature and check out the resource feed, which offers fresh information relevant to your needs and interests.

21 How do you learn more about the Resource Center? The knowledgeable staff who created and maintain the website are there to answer your questions and help you find what you need. Visit Use the toll-free number: 800-860-2684

22 Connect with the Resource Center: @serviceresource Thank you!

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