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WS Training Limited Out of 321 Surveys sent we have received (92) 29% Up 2% on previous contract year LEARNER SATISFACTION SURVEY ACHIEVER 12-13.

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1 WS Training Limited Out of 321 Surveys sent we have received (92) 29% Up 2% on previous contract year LEARNER SATISFACTION SURVEY ACHIEVER 12-13




5 The next 10 questions we asked How effective was your programme? Please rate by ticking appropriate box













18 Comments from those who answered ‘Other’ to the previous question (1) None of the above – in fact I ended up being demoted. – Samantha Ellul Moved to a less stressful and part time job prior to finishing the course. – Denise Davidson I would like to do an additional qualification... not sure what yet. – Stephanie Stansfield


20 Comments from those who answered ‘Other’ to the previous question (1) It was too simple to be given a qualification at the end of it – Emily Horrigan AG Hair 2 Tec Nyqs Didn't really expect anything - Jamie Taylor CS 2 JL I was a bit frustrated when 4 months in with about 3/4 of the work done I found out that the government had changed apprenticeships so they could not be completed within a year – Terry Forsdyke IT Professional 3 JC More involved than I expected. The key skills required a lot of additional work that I was not expecting – Rosemary Byanton Management LP


22 Comments from those who answered ‘No’ or made comments to the previous question (1) I was not told that it was an apprenticeship - otherwise I would not have done it - Samantha Ellul employer wasn't so helpful with getting models in for practice and training Jessica Robinson The college were amazing and employer didn't do much to help toward completing – Georgina Swann I felt I was not given enough time out of my job role – Faye Braidwood My Employer signed the forms we received but there was no mention to me of any potentially career development in our department – David Straton

23 Comments from those who answered ‘No’ or mane comments to the previous question (2) Work place reduced my hours and assessments were hard to obtain got all the information myself – Laura Lewkowytsch Hair 2 Claydon Hair Company LF Did not always get responses to questions as quickly as I needed. I regularly had my NVQ meetings cancelled, and I had to repeat work already done as my assessor has "misplaced" it – Claire White CS 2 Thompson & Morgan JL Sadly not enough time available from employer – Jane Bedford CS2 Barconwood CD


25 Comments from those who answered ‘Yes’ to the previous question (1) Employer could have spent more time training me and given me more opportunities to practice – Jessica Robinson The Cutting Edge My employer could of helped more but doesn't have much time to assess – Georgina Swann Robert Douglas Hair To see assessor more to discuss course, this is more down to the Employer. - Maybe try and involve employer more so they have more of an understanding of the programme – Lydia Stoodley Servest It needs to be shorter – David Straton Norfolk & Norwich Hosp Keeping one assessor throughout would have been better but I don't feel it made it significantly different – Jodie Paterson – May Gurney

26 Comments from those who answered ‘Yes’ to the previous question (2) Time out of job to complete course work on time – Joanne Sparkes Norse Wasn’t given the relevant access to the internet – Jamie Challis Highpoint Prison I completed double the amount of units, taking longer to complete – Gill Bones CSD It would have been helpful if my appointments weren't regularly cancelled and work wasn’t needed to be done twice – Rebecca Moran Itron Time sent aside by employer on a weekly basis – Jane Bedford Barconwood



29 Comments from those who answered ‘Other’ to the previous question Establish my own hair business and a part time job Jessica Robinson Have found another job with more work based learning involved – Julia Peck Already in new employment – Denise Davidson Going on maternity leave – Amy Smith I am staying in full time work and undertaking a Foundation Degree at University Part-time – Rosemary Bryanton


31 Comments (1) I would like to thank Christine with all the help she has given during my course – Christopher Andrew I found the course to be well run, and the support given by both my assessors (Chloe Barnett & Wendy Tegg) was superb – Colin Herbert If I had been fully committed to the programme from the start I would have completed this much quicker – Michael Rees SCS Wendy Tegg is the most amazing Assessor and I would just like all her hard work and invaluable assistance to be recognised as it was certainly very much appreciated by me Gemma Matthews I am really grateful to Jane for her support throughout the course – Joanne Sparkes

32 Comments (2) Can not praise both Wendy & WS Training as a whole for allowing me to complete at an earlier date in order for me to start a new career – Julia Peck I was grateful for all at ws in Ipswich but Lea friend was my rock, she kept me going and made sure I finished on time, if I didn't have a tutor like her I would of dropped out as I went on MAT leave and my boss wasn't there to help me through it but Lea understand it was hard with child care, work and college. A great member of your team I also had a few one to ones with Greer the key-skills lady and she was great 2. I lovely college to work within and I would defo recommend to anyone interested in hairdressing – Georgina Swan Thank you – Lauren Biss GB My assessor Jamie was supportive and encouraging during the course. He was helpful and always available if I needed help or advice – Anna Banks

33 Comments (3) I had a very good experience with WS Training. My Assessor unfortunately left the company but I was given assistance as soon as I needed it from Hayley Fayers, who helped me finish the course so early. Thankyou! – Charley Mann Happy to complete level 2, but feel I could do level 3 – Simon Sutton JC It was a well planned course, and I gained experience due to it. Prior to finishing the course I changed jobs, although my job is no longer in leadership, I am still using a lot of the skills I gained through the course – Denise Davidson LP I really enjoyed completing my NVQ - I felt the support I received from Simon was excellent and he helped me out any way he could Faye Braidwood Course overall was good – Daniel Farrington JSC/JBR

34 Comments (4) I would like Jamie Logan to be praised for his dedication to my course even when I made it difficult for him to do so. I greatly appreciate all help that has been given by him throughout – Jamie Taylor Jo was a pleasure to communicate with throughout the course – Trudy Austin. We were given a list of courses to go on some time back, it was about half way through, my work asked if we were interested to which I responded yes, but I never heard anything further – Charles Knight SCS Everything was well organised and easy to do. I only felt like due to the qualifications I already had, the course that I did was not relevant, and that I should have been put in a higher level from day one – Stephanie Atkins NH Jo Scott was a wonderful help throughout the whole programme, thank you. – Victoria Daynes-Smith

35 Comments (5) Due to my workplace being unhelpful. I appreciate Lea Friend in taking time to get me the assessments needed to pass - Laura Lewkowytsch Thoroughly enjoyed the course and Sally was an excellent Assessor – Stephanie Stansfield Would like to say thank you to Christine Knight (my tutor) she was extremely helpful throughout my NVQ – Jamie Challis I had Jane as my assessor and she was terrific. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her and she was an amazing support – Jacqueline Williams I would like to continue with my studying with WS Training but as I am now completing my AAT course at college I feel that I would be unable to commit fully to a level 3 qualification – Jenny Chatfield LP

36 Comments (6) I learned a lot from my course and have applied my knowledge to my work – Nicky Anderson LP My assessor, Colette Denny, was fantastic throughout the course. She was very supportive and if I had any questions between visits, she would do her best to answer them as soon as she could – Leah Newman Simon Castle is fantastic! I have now completed 4 qualifications with WS training, 3 being with Simon. I have now got my manager on a course and it is very challenging being her mentor :-) Liane Walker Although this feedback seems negative, I would like to say that I am very happy now I have finally finished and have the qualification. I have started a Business Admin 3 NVQ and hope that due to having a different assessor this course may run a bit more smoothly – Rebecca Moran JC

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