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2.03 All About Me! Your Name & Date CM2.03

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1 2.03 All About Me! Your Name & Date CM2.03
Evaluate positive interpersonal skills in a variety of workplace settings. 2.03 All About Me! Your Name & Date

2 Review Terms Date Score

3 Journal Entry Slide #3 Date Completed:

4 Communication Styles Slide #5 My communication style is

5 Rate My Communication Skills
Slide #6 Date Completed: Results:

6 Listening Skills Slide #10 Date Completed: Results:

7 Body Language Awareness
Slide #11 Date Completed: Results:

8 Interpersonal Skills Slides #13-16 Read Date Completed: Comments:

9 Interpersonal Skills Slide #17 Date Completed:
Answer questions on the next three slides based on your chosen occupation. My chosen occupation is:

10 Interpersonal Skills - #1
Are interpersonal skills important in the careers listed above?

11 Interpersonal Skills - #2
 What happens if interpersonal skills are lacking in individuals employed in these occupations?

12 Interpersonal Skills - #3
If you were going to employ a person, what kind of interpersonal skills would you want him to have?

13 Interpersonal Skills - #4
List 10 other occupations requiring excellent interpersonal skills. Nurse 6. 2. Auto Mechanic 7. Salesman 8. 4. Police Officer 9. 5. 10.

14 On-The-Job-Case Studies
Case 1: Jessica is working at a bank and rarely smiles or greets people who come into the bank. She only responds to customers when they ask for assistance. She likes to chat with her coworkers throughout the day. She dislikes going to work because she hates her job. Respond on next slides.

15 Is Jessica’s interpersonal behavior effective or ineffective? Why?

16 What could be the result of her actions in regards to her job and the bank?

17 What could Jessica do to increase her enthusiasm at work?

18 What steps would you recommend for Jessica?

19 On-The-Job-Case Studies
Case 2: Robert works as a stocker. He is a good worker, very dependable, and never late. However, he made at least one mistake a day in stocking because he didn’t carefully check the inventory list and dates. His manager suggested he slow down and try to be accurate. Robert became upset and quit because he couldn’t accept constructive criticism.

20 Did Robert’s supervisor handle the problem effectively? How do you know?

21 Was his feedback appropriate? Why or why not?

22 What would you have done in Robert’s place?

23 On-The-Job-Case Studies
Case 3: At Anna’s first job evaluation, she was told she was behind in her paperwork and that she needed to improve. Anna loves her work and is determined to do well at it.

24 If you were Anna, how would you react to this evaluation? Why?

25 What should Anna do to get a better evaluation next time?

26 The Importance of Attitude
Slide #21 Date Completed:  What do you suspect that Mrs. Johnson wishes to address with Kenya? Have you ever known anyone that behaved like Kenya? How did you react to this person?  Why do you think Kenya behaved as she did?   How could Kenya’s co-workers help her improve her attitude?  Is it too late for Kenya to change her attitude? Why or why not?  Think about your own behavior. Have you ever been in a situation where you acted like Kenya? If so, describe the situation.  If you answered yes to question 5, what could you have done to change your attitude and behavior?

27 Interpersonal Skills Questionnaire
Statement Rate I always say please and thank you when I ask someone for something. The clothes I wear would never offend another person If something bad happens to someone I don't like, I tell my friends and laugh about it when that person is not around. I never curse or use offensive language in public places. I am clean and well groomed

28 Interpersonal Skills Questionnaire
Statement Rate People who know me would describe me as cheerful and friendly. I always have good posture and body language. When I talk with someone, I maintain eye contact and provide feedback.   I communicate effectively. I usually become angry and lose my temper when things don't go the way I want them to.

29 Interpersonal Skills Questionnaire
Statement Rate When other people do something different from the way I would do it, I avoid being critical of them. I don't have annoying habits such as biting my nails or tapping. I respect the opinions and rights of others My table manners are very good. If someone gives me a gift or does me a favor, I send them a thank you note.

30 Response to Questionnaire
What do your responses indicate about your interpersonal skill level?

31 Response to Questionnaire
Based on your responses, in which areas would you like to improve?

32 Response to Questionnaire
 List 2 strategies to improve in each of the areas that you identified in question 2.

33 Response to Questionnaire
Based on your responses, in which areas are your interpersonal skills strong?

34 Personal Improvement Plan
Slide #23 Would like to improve: Date Completed:

35 Leadership Skills Slide #26 Date Completed: Results:

36 Journal Entry Complete in Survey Monkey Date Completed:

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