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Employment Advising: A Student Centered Approach Christine Y. Cruzvergara Georgetown University.

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1 Employment Advising: A Student Centered Approach Christine Y. Cruzvergara Georgetown University

2 Overview Context Purpose 4 stage model Student Learning Assessment Questions 1.Knowledge of how to use the 4 step approach 2.Knowledge of foundational questions to set up the student appointment 3.Examples of how the 4 step model can be used with different industries 4.Suggestions for how to assess advising and student learning Learning Objectives © Christine Y. Cruzvergara 2010

3 Georgetown University Career Education Center: Organizational Structure Career Counselors Counsel students at the beginning of their career exploration Administer career assessment tools Employment Advisors Split by industry areas Advise students on how to tailor their search for their specific area Advise students on the internship and job search process © Christine Y. Cruzvergara 2010

4 Why I developed the 4 step model Noticed that students were having trouble digesting all the information/resources Noticed that students often wanted to know what to do after leaving the office but unsure of how to effectively use the information/resources Noticed that students often wanted to set goals but were unsure of how or where to start Started using the 4 step model with a few students and saw a drastic difference in their attitude and confidence when leaving the office © Christine Y. Cruzvergara 2010

5 Sample of Foundational Questions What have you already done [in your job/internship search] up to this point? Tell me about what you didn’t enjoy from your previous experiences? What would you like to cover in our meeting today? What have you enjoyed most about your different internships/jobs/stud ent organizations? © Christine Y. Cruzvergara 2010

6 4 Step Model DocumentsResearchNetworkSearch 1234 © Christine Y. Cruzvergara 2010

7 Document s Resume Cover Letter References Step 1 © Christine Y. Cruzvergara 2010

8 Research Industry overview Industry specifics –Trends –Issues Identify individual companies –Company news Step 2 © Christine Y. Cruzvergara 2010

9 Network What does networking mean to you? Five 5’s Informational Interviewing Resources for networking Step 3 © Christine Y. Cruzvergara 2010

10 Search Career Education Center database and resources Search engines for particular fields Individual company websites Step 4 © Christine Y. Cruzvergara 2010

11 1.What service did you receive? 2.With which Career Education Center staff member did you meet? 3.When you arrived at the Career Education center, did you feel welcome? 4.How would you rate your overall satisfaction with your visit to the Career Center? 5.Please tell us what you learned as a result of your visit to the Career Center. 6.How likely are you to use what you learned from your visit to the Career Center? 7.Comments/Suggestions: Assessment: Student Learning Survey © Christine Y. Cruzvergara 2010

12 Results: Student Feedback Oh my goodness, I learned so much. I told [Employment Advisor] what I was interested in and she prepped a very specific set of steps for me to get there. I was expecting a more generic set of guidelines and ideas, but she totally surprised and impressed me with specialized attention. [Employment Advisor] was absolutely helpful and pleasant. She was very interested in helping me and what my plans were and what I wanted to get out of our meeting. She was extremely well prepared and just did a fabulous job. I was very impressed with her and it helped so much that she was so welcoming. I learned of internship opportunities and Georgetown contacts I was not yet familiar with. I also learned that I am on the correct path to finding a job, and just need to keep at it. Absolutely loved [Employment Advisor]! She was warm, welcoming, encouraging, and I felt she was excited to help me personally. I'm already getting tangible results from my [Employment Advisor’s] advice. © Christine Y. Cruzvergara 2010

13 Results: Student Feedback The most helpful was her advice on the method and steps of looking for employment, and the huge need, especially for someone along my career path, to establish personal connections and constant communication with those in the industry. Thank you, [Employment Advisor]! I'll be coming for help in the future soon! I learned about the 4 step career search process: documents, research, network, search. [Employment Advisor] then informed me of several tools and websites I can use to assist with this process. I learned how to approach job hunting specifically within the publishing industry. We reviewed how to prepare career documents, how to research the industry, how to network, and how to search for industry-specific jobs. [Employment Advisor] was very helpful, thorough and professional. I would recommend a session with her to any of my friends. © Christine Y. Cruzvergara 2010

14 Questions? Christine Y. Cruzvergara Manager of Special Programs Georgetown University Career Education Center

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