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Queen Camel Medical Centre Patient Survey 2014.

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1 Queen Camel Medical Centre Patient Survey 2014


3 Question One: Which of the following methods would you prefer to use to book an appointment at the Surgery: In person30% By phone83% On line33%

4 Question two: In the past 6 months how easy has it been to: Haven't tried Very EasyFairly Easy Not very Easy Hard Get through on phone13%67%20%00 Speak to doctor by phone47%30%23%00 Of those patients who have contacted the practice by phone 100% find access easy or very easy

5 Question 3 In the past 6 months how easy has it been to: Haven't tried Very EasyFairly Easy Not v easyHard See doctor urgently47%43%10%00 Book appt ahead20%64%16%00 See doctor of choice33%42%23%2%0 See a nurse37%53%10%00 of those patients who have attempted access 100% have found it easy or very easy and in terms of seeing chosen doctor 97% have found it easy or very easy.

6 Question 4 How helpful do you find the receptionists? VeryFairlyNot veryNot at all. 83%17%00

7 Question 5 How long after your appointment do you normally wait to be seen? On time7% < 5 mins20% 5 - 15 mins65% 15 - 30 mins7% >30 mins0 Cant remember1%

8 Question 6 How satisfied are you with the opening hours? Very77% Fairly13% Neutral0 Quite dissatisfied0 Very dissatisfied0 Don't know hours0 100% of responders are happy with opening hours.

9 Question 7. If you have experience of other surgeries, how does Queen Camel rate in comparison? Significantly better47% A little better6% A little worse0 Significantly worse0 Only been patient at Camel47% Of those patients who have experience of other practices, 100% rated Queen Camel better, and over 90% said significantly better.

10 Question 8. Do you have confidence in the doctor you see? Yes definitely94% Yes to some extent 6% No not at all 0 Don't know/ can't say 0

11 Question 9 Would you recommend the surgery to a friend or family member who has just moved to your local area? Yes100% Maybe0 Not sure0 Probably not0 Definitely not0 Don't know0

12 Methodology: 100 patients selected via random number generator and sent questionnaire by mail with SAE. Response rate 60% by 2 weeks Results are therefore percentage of responders.

13 Demographics: Male 46% Female54%

14 Demographics: <180 18 - 243% 25 - 343% 35 - 447% 45 - 5433% 55 - 6416% 65 - 7424% 75 - 8414% >850

15 Demographics Full time work37% Part time work14% Full time education 3% Unemployed 3% Permanently sick/disabled 3% Fully retired30% Looking after home10% Doing something else 0

16 Comments: "Just that I am very satisfied with Queen Camel Medical Centre" "Keep up the good work" "Having experienced other medical centres in London and Yeovil, Queen Camel's systems and procedures are significantly better. At every other surgery I have attended the reception staff were condescending, aggressive, gate keepers. It is so different at Queen Camel. A lovely place to come to when you feel unwell. Thank you"

17 "We are extremely fortunate to have good Doctors and the staff are always helpful. The degree of efficiency is excellent" "No" "We count ourselves very fortunate to be patients at Queen Camel Medical Centre and haven't had to use the centre a great deal so far in our lives. Three years ago my husband had a kidney stone and the Out of Hours service was not of the same standard."

18 "Excellent" "We are very lucky to have caring doctors and staff" "I have always found them very helpful and treatment very good. I have always liked to get any medication as soon as you come out, not having to go and find a chemist." "Outstanding Medical Centre".

19 "Just that it is a very good service and a pleasure to visit." "All we have to say is the Queen Camel Medical Centre is very good". "I have been with Queen Camel Centre since I was 18 I am still with them surely that says something good, I am now 80 years old". "All the staff are very friendly and helpful, this includes the doctors". "My online booking log-in does not work. Even after multiple attempts this has proved annoyingly elusive to fix"

20 Cannot speak highly enough of the care offered by all members of the medical team at the surgery. I have family elsewhere in the UK who are very envious of the superb service we are offered. We have always found the Doctors and nurses to be very helpful. I think we are very lucky with Queen Camel Medical Centre - I have heard of a few centres which are not nearly so easy to get appointments etc.

21 Analysis The response rate is very similar to previous years The results are broadly in line with previous years, possibly even slightly better. Highlights: Again, of those patients who have experienced other practices ALL rate us better (mostly significantly better) Analysis of the worst scoring replies again show that they are nearly all from people who have only ever been patients in Queen Camel. Despite some people giving less than perfect responses 100% would recommend us to family, a good test of satisfaction. (same as 2013).

22 Low points: Possibly telephone answering results are not up to our usual high standards. Choice of doctor a little better than last year but not as high scoring as other fields. (May relate to Registrar training and duty doctor surgeries).

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