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AdvOSS Deliver, Manage, Charge.

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1 AdvOSS Deliver, Manage, Charge

2 AdvOSS Company overview
AdvOSS offers one of the most diversified range of Next Generation Telecommunication products from a single vendor. AdvOSS Solutions are based on multiple products in ranges and can be broadly classified as Service Provisioning Service Charging Service Management Service Delivery Founded in 2007 and after three years of rigorous development and two years of testing in the field on multiple operators. All products are designed to function independently but together all of these products offer an almost complete range of products needed by a modern CSP in its core network.

3 AdvOSS Products Portfolio
Service Charging CRM Converged Billing Charging & Rating Engine Voucher Management Franchisee Management Interconnect Billing Provisioning Engine Service Management AAA Server (RADIUS & DIAMETER) Policy Server HSS (Home Subscriber Server) NMS (Network Management System) Mediation Service Delivery Session Border Controller LCR (Least Cost Routing) Engine SIP Trunking AS Residential VoIP AS Phone2Phone AS SDP (Service Delivery Platform)

4 Target Markets Wimax/ 4G LTE CDMA Broadband Prepaid Calling Cards
Residential VoBB Enterprise VoIP SIP Trunking VoIP Peering/ Hubbing

5 Diverse Portfolio of future proof Billing & OSS Products
CRM & Order Management Provisioning Engine Converged Billing Charging & Rating Engine Voucher Management Franchisee Management Interconnect Billing

6 Scalable & Reliable Next Generation AAA Applications
AAA Server Policy Server HSS (Home Subscriber Server) NMS (Network Management System) Mediation

7 Innovative, State-of the art FMC, SIP & IMS Offerings
SBC Session Border Controller Serves as Network Entry and Exit Point Signaling and Media Proxying NAT Traversal Location Server & Registrar Topology Hiding Admission Control at Ingress and Egress SIP Application Servers Residential VoIP AS (Class 5) with Fixed Mobile Convergence SIP Trunking AS Phone2Phone AS LCR (Least Cost Routing) Engine Least Cost Routing No Loss Routing Concurrency Check Failover Routing Jurisdictional Routing QOS based Routing SIP Interface RADIUS Interface Number Portability Lookup Softphone PC based Dialer Mobile Dialer

8 Enterprise VoIP/Hosted Applications Roadmap
Configurable Company IVRs (Q1 2012) Fully Featured Hosted IP PBX (Q2 2012) Hosted Call Center (Q3 2012) Conferencing Instant Messaging (Q4 2012) Presence Server (Q4 2012) (Push to Talk) – Q4 2012 PTT

9 Meeting Telco’s needs with unique Product Differentiators
Scalability 50,000 – 5M+ subscribers Maximum flexibility, vendor independence Fast Time-to-Market Affordable Cost effective off the Shelf Products Complete Turnkey Solutions with Billing, AAA & Switching Products fully integrated to make complete solutions Operators’ Benefits: Financing options available Reduce CAPEX/OPEX Small upfront entry cost Quick introduction of new services. Increase ARPU/AMPU

10 Major Customers

11 VoIP Switching & SIP Application Servers
Next Generation VoIP Services Provider offering Fixed Mobile Convergence and feature rich VOIP services in America and Middle East. A Qatar Telecom Company & Leading Wimax Operator in Middle East for its Prepaid voice services. Canadian, Cloud based Hosted VoIP services company for Telecoms US based Residential VoIP services targeting African customers Leading Long Distance Operator in Pakistan for its voice services for Enterprises & Corporate sector US based Carrier offering Carrier Wholesale VoIP and Retail VoIP services

12 Prepaid (voice) Billing & Charging
Leading Prepaid operator in USA (since 2004) Bahrain CLEC since 2005 Prepaid cards (since 2006) CDMA Operator in Pakistan (since 2005) Communications Authority of Thailand (Incumbent) for prepaid cards. US based Prepaid Calling Card Company using AdvOSS Billing since 2004

13 Data Billing (for Broadband/Data services)
One of America’s large Wi-Fi operators with operations in 15 states. (Since 2003) Bhutan Telecom for its nationwide Broadband internet, Leased line, wifi & more Ghana Telecom DSL based services (till 2009) Afghanistan’s largest ISP with ADSL, Wifi & Wi-Max services. DSL operator in Pakistan (Previously DANCOM) Since 2004. For ISP Services Since 1999

14 B2B & Interconnect Billing
An Orascom Telecom Company and leading Mobile Operator used for their LDI operations from 2005 to 2008 US based Carrier offering Carrier Wholesale VoIP services For its LDI & Carrier access Billing For Interconnect Settlements till 2009

15 Wimax Mediation Wimax Converged IN
Mobilink (An Orascom Telecom Company) using for Mediation for Wi-Max since 2008 Wimax Converged IN Wateen (sister concern of UAE based Warid Telecom) and one of the world's leading WiMAX Service Provider for fixed broadband access is using AdvOSS Converged Billing & Charging platform.

16 Global Install base 300+ customers

17 Thank you For any further query and business with us please feel free to contact us at Head Office: Shellbridge Way, Suite 120, Richmond, BC V6X 2W8, Canada Tel: +1 (604)

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