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Prepared By Naieem Khan & Ummiya Rahman Presentation On.

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1 Prepared By Naieem Khan & Ummiya Rahman Presentation On

2 Introduction bracNet is a fast growing ISP (Internet Service Provider) and internet portal service provider brought to us by the largest NGO in the world, BRAC, in partnership with gNet DDH LLC Broadband Solutions, WAN (Wide Area Network)/ Intranet / VPN (Virtual Private Network). Virtual PBX Video Surveillance IT Services Online Portal Services

3 Connectivity Services 1.Dedicated Internet Access 2.FLEX Internet Access or Shared Internet Access 3.Business/Home LAN and Managed Services 4.Secured Remote Connectivity (VPN) 5.Dial-Up Connectivity IT-OUT Sourcing 1.Redundant Data Center Services 2.Customized Solutions for Network Projects (WAN & LAN) 3.Server Co-location 4.Web Design, Hosting and Publication IP PBX Feature

4 Connectivity VPN Connectivity bracNet uses this VPN technology to connect Remote Branch offices, Remote work force and Business travelers

5 IP PBX IP PBX is an open standard PBX system over internet protocol (IP) network unities an company’s many locations-into a single converged network Saves cost and toll expenses It manages: AGI (Asterisk Gate way Interface) Graphical Call Manager Predictive Dialer TCP/IP Management Interface.

6 IP PBX(Cont’d)

7 IT-OUT Redundant data center services Customized Solutions for Network Projects (WAN and LAN) Managed Network Service Network Design and Engineering Services Network Migration and Implementation Services

8 Network & Technology WiMAX WiMAX is a standards-based wireless technology providing high-speed data and voice services in networks covering long distances and wide ranges VSAT VSAT stands for Very Short Aperture Terminal. It is basically used for data, voice and video signals. In this communication, we used satellite directly VPN A virtual private network (VPN) is a communications network tunneled through another network

9 WiMAX WiMAX is a standards-based wireless technology providing high- speed data and voice services in networks covering long distances and wide ranges WiMAX is designed to provide E1-level bandwidth to businesses and the equivalent of cable/DSL access for home users. WiMAX Powered Network Scalability Flexibility Outstanding performance

10 Figure: WiMAX Architecture and Applications WiMAX


12 Cables Fiber Optic Cable bracNet uses the optical fiber services of GP. Submarine Cables Grameen Phone (GP) is connected to the information super highway via the submarine cable. HSSI Cable They work as an interconnection between networks (e.g. LAN, Wan, etc.) or network devices (e.g. routers, switches, etc).

13 Performance bracNet measures its performance by some performance improving teams which include WiMAX team and Optical Fiber team. bracNet also have a bandwidth Manager that have full-featured traffic management tool that gives control of its network traffic, increasing the efficiency of network and reducing overall bandwidth requirements.

14 Reliability The WiMAX team ensures the physical connectivity. Optical Fiber team also does the same thing but it configures through NOC (Network Operating Centre). The basic bandwidths of the users are controlled by bracNet. bracNet implements key through bandwidth manager

15 Security bracNet provides both logical and physical security. Firewall Disaster Recovery Authorized ID card

16 Coverage Area

17 Conclusion Pioneer in WI-MAX Connectivity and member of WIMAX Forum. bracNet provides one of the fastest and most reliable network connection bracNet has dynamic Management By the end of 2008 bracNet will cover the whole country THANK YOU for YOUR PATIENCE

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