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Broadvox Overview SIP Trunking / Hosted UC William Baumgartel Executive Director, Sales

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1 Broadvox Overview SIP Trunking / Hosted UC William Baumgartel Executive Director, Sales

2 Broadvox History Product Portfolio Snapshot Broadvox was founded in 2001 Provide origination and termination services to VoIP carriers By 2011, the company had almost 400 carrier customers From 2006 – 2010 Rapid Revenue Growth In 2007, Broadvox successfully launched Retail SIP Trunking service Built a Channel Partner Distribution Program serving 4,000+ Channel Partners In 2011, Broadvox acquired Cypress Communications, driving revenue to $105M+ SIP Trunking, SIP origination and termination services Award winning Hosted Unified Communications solutions, including broadband and virtual PBX Managed Network Services Private network optimized for VoIP and Unified Communications Broadband Agnostic Trusted by 300+ telecommunications carriers, ASPs, ISPs, and over 10,000 businesses to transport more than 12 billion minutes annually Over 64K seats installed; ~30,000 are Unified Communication Seats Vertical include technology, legal, commercial real estate, financial services and insurance companies, among others Nationwide voice-optimized network with 99.999% voice uptime and passes over 10 billion minutes annually Customers Copyright © 2001-2013 BROADVOX LLC.

3 Retail Product Portfolio Hosted Communications SIP Trunking Certified With Majority of IP PBX’s BYOB – Data Connectivity Unique Features – Customer Driven Business Continuity – DID, Trunk & IP Address Call Bursting Security Configuration to Prevent Fraud Launched July 15, 2013 Broadsoft Platform Easy to scale and Customize for Businesses and Channel Partners Differentiated through Flexibility Calling Plans, Long Distance, Feature Sets Concurrent Call Sessions – Sized Correctly Choice of Phones And Choice of Broadband Provider DSL, T1 & Bonded up to 12Mbps Ethernet up to 100 Mbps & DS3 QoS Included 4G - Soon to be Released as Failover Option Broadband Copyright © 2001-2013 BROADVOX LLC.

4 Managed Hosted Voice Value Proposition Lower Costs – Capital Expenditure Avoidance – Technology Risk Avoidance – No Ongoing Maintenance Costs – Operational Cost Improvements – Economies of Scaling Increase Efficiency with Technology Management – End-to-End Technology Management – Faster Business Operations – Quicker Time to Market Secure Operations with Business Continuity – Managed, Private Data Network – Quality Of Service (QoS) Managed From Cloud, Across LAN To Handset – Inherent Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Copyright © 2001-2013 BROADVOX LLC.

5 Network Monitoring & Management Reliability, Survivability, Redundancy and Quality of Service Architected for VoIP National MPLS network Voice Prioritization QoS Managed from Handset Across LAN/WAN and IP Network Real-time Monitoring, 24x7 Meshed, Logical & Virtual Paths Redundant Devices & Paths Designed to Automatically Detect Potential Faults & Self Correct Best-of-Breed Routers—Cisco & Juniper Copyright © 2001-2013 BROADVOX LLC.

6 SIP Features/Benefits Geographically Agnostic DIDs – DIDs From Around the Country - Terminated on Centralized PBX Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery – IP or TDM Circuits Toll Free Numbers – New & Ported Load Balancing Over Multiple Locations – Share Traffic Load Seamless Geographical Scalability – E911, 411 & Directory Listing

7 SIP Features/Benefits Reduced Communication Charges – Unlimited Local Calling – Bundled & Metered Long Distance – International & Toll-free Better Managed Communications Systems – Regional & SOHO Offices IP Trunking Can Be Used With – Legacy CPE/PBX Communication Efficiencies & Savings – IP PBX & Hybrid PBX Communication Efficiencies & Savings – SIP - Based Applications Unified Messaging, IM & Presence

8 Technician Installation Certification Generate Additional Revenue Control The On-Site Customer Experience Combine Hosted UC with Other LAN Upgrades Leverage Technical Personnel – Install CPE – Install Hosted Copyright © 2001-2013 BROADVOX LLC.

9 IP PBX Systems Broadvox SIP Trunks Interoperable Copyright © 2001-2013 BROADVOX LLC.

10 Broadvox Mission Copyright © 2001-2013 BROADVOX LLC. Become the Premium Brand – Cloud-Based Communication & Collaboration Services for SMB & Enterprise Businesses To Support Our Brand: Experience Matters – Dedicated to Expanded Channel Model – Easy to do Business With – Sales, Provisioning & Support – Customized Solutions – Leadership - Average Tenure In Telecommunications of 20 Years – Strength of VoIP Leadership in SIP Trunking – Industry Recognized Wholesale SIP Provider

11 Broadvox Overview SIP Trunking / Hosted UC William Baumgartel Executive Director, Sales

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