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(some, any, no + compounds)

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1 (some, any, no + compounds)
INDEFINITE PRONOUNS (some, any, no + compounds)

2 When do we use some and any? What about the word “no”?
AFFIRMATIVE NEGATIVE INTERROGATIVE There’s some milk in the fridge. There aren’t any books in the bag. Is there any food in the fridge? I’m hungry!

3 Exception: Affirmative sentence + any = meaning “qualquer” Negative sentences + some = offers, requests Which colour do you want? It doesn’t matter. You can pick any. Would you like some coffee? Can you lend me some money?

4 It’s used in affirmative sentences with negative meaning.
What about “no”? It’s used in affirmative sentences with negative meaning. Exemplo: There is no food here!

affirmative interrogative negative Affirmative sentence with negative meaning THINGS SOMETHING ANYTHING NOTHING PEOPLE SOMEONE SOMEBODY ANYONE ANYBODY NO-ONE NOBODY PLACES SOMEWHERE ANYWHERE NOWHERE We’d like something to eat. We’re hungry! You look worried! Is anything wrong? There isn’t anybody here! There is nobody here!

6 Let’s practice!

7 Exercise 1 1. She said something. What did she say? 2. I’ve lost something 3. They went somewhere. 4. I’m going to telephone somebody/someone. 5. What did you say? Nothing. 6. Nowhere. 7. Nothing. 8. No-one/ Nobody.

8 Exercise 1 5a. I didn’t say anything. 6a. I’m not going anywhere. 7a. I don’t want anything. 8a. I’m not looking for anyone/ anybody.

9 Exercise 2 It’s dark. I can’t see anything. Tom lives somewhere near London. 3. anything 4. anything or anybody/anyone 5. somebody/someone. 6. something 7. anyone/ anybody .... no-one/nobody 8. anything 9. nobody / no-one 10. anyone/ anybody 11. nothing 12. anywhere.

10 Exercise 3 There’s nothing in the fridge. I haven’t got anything to say. There isn’t anybody at home. They have got nowhere to live. There is no-one outside. We haven’t got anywhere to sit down. I have got nothing to do today.

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