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A lot, much, many, few, little.

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1 A lot, much, many, few, little.

2 Put in a lot of / much / many
Do you drink much tea? I like reading. I’ve got a lot of books. There isn’t much milk in the fridge. It costs a lot of money to travel around the world. Please, be quick! We haven’t got much time! How many languages can you speak? They don’t ask me many questions. There is a lot of food at the party but I don’t eat much. We can see many interesting things in the museum. George knows much about plants.

3 We will have a cheap holiday. It will not cost much.
Are you enjoying the party? – No, not much. Most of the town is new – there aren’t many old buildings. Do you take photographs? – Yes, but not many. He is new in our group. We don’t know much about him. A lot of people speak English. They haven’t got much money but they’ve got many friends. Don’t buy bread. There is a lot of bread at home. It’s winter. There is much snow outside. Do you watch many films? – Yes, I love it.

4 … … fish are there in the bowl? … … fish is there in the fridge?
How much or How many? … … coffee do you want? … … fish are there in the bowl? … … fish is there in the fridge? … … meat is there on the plate? … … tables are there in the classroom? … … sugar do you want in your tea? … … students are there in your class? … … jam is there in the jar? … … Coca-Cola is there in the bottle? … … cats are there in the garden? … … monkeys are there at the zoo? How much How many How much How much How many How much How many How much How much How many How many

5 … … bottles are there in the cupboard?
… … money do you want? … … books have you got? … … tomatoes are there in the basket? … … snow is there in the street? … … soup is there in the plate? … … cereal is there in the box? … … disks will you buy? … … orange juice will you bring? … … biscuits will you bake? … … will you pay for these jeans? … … plates will you have to wash? How many How much How many How many How much How much How much How many How much How many How much How many

6 Tomorrow I will have to write a few letters.
Put in few / little. Tomorrow I will have to write a few letters. Can I have a little milk in my coffee? Do you speak foreign languages? – Yes, Italian a little . When will John come? – In a few minutes. Are you going out along? – No, I’m going with a few friends. I live in a very small village. There is a church, a shop and a few houses – and that’s all. I’m going out for a walk. I need a little fresh air. There aren’t much furniture in the room - just a table and a few chairs.

7 Her English is very good. She makes very few mistakes.
I drink very little coffee. I don’t like it. In summer the weather is dry. There is very little rain. It’s difficult to find a place to stay in this town. There are very few hotels. We must hurry. We’ve got very little time. It’s a small restaurant. There are very few tables. There is little food in the fridge. When will you see Sarah? – In a few days.

8 He’s very lazy. He does little work.
They are not rich but they’ve got a little money – enough to live. Next week I will go to a restaurant with a few friends. The TV service is not very good. There are only a few programmes. I can’t decide now – I must have a little time to think about it. He’s not famous. Only a few people know them. She doesn’t want to eat but she will drink a little water.

9 Put in a lot of/ much/ many/ few/ little
We have very few lemons. I have to go to the shop. She has a lot of friends. She is a very nice girl. I have very little time. I’m going to be late. There is a little coca-cola in this tin. You can drink it. How many books are you going to read this month? How much milk do you like in your coffee? This film is boring. Very few people like it. I have to leave now. There are very few busses at night. We have a lot of eggs and milk. Let’s make an omelette! My granny is never alone. She has got many friends.

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