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Reported statements and questions

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1 Reported statements and questions
after verbs in the present

2 He says that he is ok. I’m ok. Reported statements What does he say?
I am He says that he is She says that she is We are He says that they are She says that they are I was He says that he was She says that she was I will be He says that he’ll be She says that she’ll be I have been He says that he has been She says that she has been

3 This is my ball. He says this is his ball. Reported statements
What does he say? It was my cat. He says it was his cat She says it was her cat It was our dog. He says it was their dog She says it was their dog That will be my choice He says that will be his choice She says that will be her choice

4 Reported questions Wh-
What has happened? He asks what has happened. What does he want to know? Who is here? -> He asks who is here. Why were you sad? -> He asks why you were sad.. When did you arrive? -> He asks when you arrived. When is it taking place? -> He asks when it is taking place. Where were you waiting? -> He asks where you were waiting.

5 Make sentences positive and negative:
? When haven’t you done your homework? Where are you? How did you do that? Why are you late? How old are you? What were you doing there? Who will borrow a pencil? Whose bag is this? Where did you put my things? Who didn’t eat the chips? Why aren’t you here yet?

6 Reported questions be/do/have
Are you ok? He asks if you are ok. What does he want to know? Is this my bag? -> He asks if this is his bag. Were you here yesterday? -> He asks if I was here yesterday. Have you got a ruler? -> Ha asks if you have got a ruler. Did you open the letter? -> He asks if you opened the letter.

7 Make sentences positive and negative:
? Have you done your homework? Are your friends at home? Do you know my brother? Can you help me? Were you playing football? Was he here? Are you sleepy? Will I be rich and famous? Did she buy milk? Were you late? Did I do that? Have you lost your mind?

8 Report! My name is Noam. What does he say?

9 Report! What’s your name? What does he say?

10 Report! Have you met my sister? What does he say?

11 Report! What’s the time? What does he say?

12 Report! Are you here because of me? What does he say?

13 Report! I like your colour. What does he say?

14 Report! My dog got lost, but I found him. What does he say?

15 Report! I’ve never seen your king. What does he say?

16 Report! Can you show me the way? What does he say?

17 Report! Why weren’t you here last week? What does he say?

18 Report! Did you come on foot? What does he say?

19 Report! Now I understand. What does he say?

20 Report! I have a toothache. What does he say?

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