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SOAR Summer 2014 Everything you’ve always wanted to know about your undergraduate psychology degree and more!

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1 SOAR Summer 2014 Everything you’ve always wanted to know about your undergraduate psychology degree and more!

2 Welcome to the Psychology Department! We are impacted….that means we have more students than space available. What does that mean for you? Pre-reqs! Students must meet pre-reqs to declare the major, & transfers must meet extra requirements Our students: Over 1300 OF THEM! Majors Minor Pre-Majors (less than 60 units only)

3 Who’s Who Dr. Whitney Department Chair Dr. Chiappe Assistant Chair

4 Who’s Who Amy Jennings & Lisa Maxfield PRO Supervisors Office Staff: Sheri-Lyn, Marilyn, Debi, & Sheri in PSY 100 (Department Office)

5 Psychology Building  1 st Floor  Psy 100 Main Office Forms, add/drop, withdraw  2 nd Floor  Psy 206 PRO Psych Resource Office Grad School/Career info, PSY 301, Syllabi  3 rd Floor  Psy 314 PSSC Psych Student Study Center

6 Psychology Contact Info  Psy 100 Main Office 562-985-5001  Psy 206 Psychology Resource Office 562-985-5680 email:  Psych Student Study Center (walk into room Psy 314 during the semester)  ATLAS 562-985-7804  PSA & Psi Chi

7 PRO : Psychology Resource Office Room PSY 206 PRO Guides – Students, just like you, trained to help you! Questions, concerns, help with resources Student Resource Room (PSY 301, course syllabi) Graduate School Resource Room Career Resource Room Handouts Videos And more!

8 PRO : PALS – a mentoring program! Mentoring program for undergraduate students interested in psychology Matched by interest area Grad school & career advice Help finding resources Advice, support, meeting people And more!

9 Getting Involved Student Orgs: PSA – open to all Psi Chi – GPA Psych 3.4, Overall 3.0 HFSA- human factors IOSA – I/O psychology PRO Guides – working with our students for the department PSA & Psi Chi Meet together – everyone is welcome!

10 Psychology Honors Program Eligibility (Requirements) Must be admitted to the major Minimum 3.25 overall GPA; 3.50 psychology GPA Be able to commit for THREE semesters Must have identified a faculty member willing to supervise their honors thesis project To stay enrolled in program, must earn B or higher in each Honors course to continue participation

11 Psychology Honors Program Curriculum -Completion: Honors Thesis Project + Four Honors courses (taken sequentially) -Other Curricular Requirements -Attendance at all Department Colloquium Series -Complete PSY 310 Intermediate Statistics (guaranteed registration) Benefits -Honors Certificate Separate Q & A with colloquium speakers -Access to PSY 342 (computer resources, mailboxes, break-out rooms)

12 Volunteer Opportunities Psych Related: PSY 499 – Research PSY 405 – Fieldwork 406 – PRO guides CRR (inside PRO) Psych Day – Community Fair 2015 On Campus: SLD ASI Make a Difference!

13 Research Opportunities How do I find Research Opportunities? PRO resources Psy Honors Program PSA/Psi Chi Meetings Signs in Department Office Take courses with same professors Check website or handbook for faculty research interests Ask around

14 Research Opportunities What would I do? Most often: data collection data encoding data analysis literature reviews animal care computer data entry interviewing running subjects running statistical programs

15 Your Future Job after your BA? Resumes, interviews, job searches…where to start? Graduate School? MSW, MFT, MSIO, PhD, PsyD, MD…. what does it all mean???

16 PSY 301 Helps with all that & more! Must take 301 your 1st year in the Major (take as soon as you can!) Team taught! Any section works! All sections merged into one big class Orientations during 1 st & 2 nd week Class on BB Workshops & office hours on Campus

17 Your Degree from CSULB!

18 Bachelors of Arts in Psychology Psych Major Checksheet Ethnic Studies/General Supporting Fields Need total of 120 units to graduate in Psychology at CSULB 53/54 units out of the 120 are Psychology units

19 Major Requirements Lower Division: PSY 100, 210, and 220 *Required to be in major* PSY 241 – Psychobiology Core Courses: PSY 301 *1 st year in major*

20 Major Requirements Group 1 Courses: Two Courses (6 units) from list *beware of OR courses* Group 2 Courses: Two Courses (6 units) from list Group 3 Courses: Two Courses (6 units) from list NOT from same subgroup

21 Major Requirements 400 Level Courses: Any two 400 level PSY courses *No 499, limited 1 activity course* Psychology Electives: Two additional UD PSY Courses Supporting Fields: 1 ES course from list 1 UD course from approved departments (on ES list)

22 Tips for New Transfers Take Intro Stats (PSY 210) or Research Methods (PSY 220) ASAP (if you haven’t already done so) Take Psychobiology (Psy 241) (if you haven’t already done so) Take PSY 301 in your 1 st year (online, team taught, sooner is better!) Be careful of PreReqs!

23 Transfer Course Credits Course credits from Community Colleges: We accept only our 4 lower division courses, General/Intro Psych, Psych Stats, Research Methods, and Psychobiology/Biopsych from Community Colleges. Check to see if your courses count! We do NOT accept any other psychology courses from CCs. We cannot accept abnormal, social, development, etc. from CCs, because they are all lower division courses- our CSULB psychology courses are upper division.

24 Transfer Course Credits Course Credits from Out of State, Private, or other Four Year schools must be individually reviewed! To get course credits reviewed you should start by contacting ATLAS to make an appointment to see an adviser Make sure you have documentation of what your courses covered (syllabus is best, sometimes the catalog description will work)

25 Where to go for help: Topic(s)Sample Question Who to see How to get there Advising (Psychology, GE, Major, Minor in CLA, AAT) What classes do I need to take for my psych major? What do I need to graduate? Am I done with my GEs? ATLAS advisers In Ph1 room 104 (562) 985-7804 Make apt for advising session Drop in for quick question Course Equivalents, Study Abroad, course credit from 4 year/out of state, psych course not counting Will this course count for my psych major? ATLASMake an appointment! Bring course description or syllabus In Ph1 room 104 (562) 985-7804 Psychology related - questions, about courses, grad school, jobs, internships, 301, PALS What can I do with a psych degree? How do I apply for grad school? PROIn room PSY 206 (562) 985-5680 ments/psychology/pro Need a signature (add/drop), need a form, department approval/stamp How do I get this signed? Where do I find this form or turn this form in? Dept office in room PSY 100 In room PSY 100 (562) 985-5001 ments/psychology/

26 Where to go for help: Topic(s)Sample QuestionWho to seeHow to get there Graduation filing, forms, turning in transcripts, questions about policies, special situations, Financial Aid, hold on account How/where do I file to graduate? How do I drop a class? Where do I find the forms I need? Enrollment services Brotman Hall – BH 100 (562) 985-5471 /forms Your Future – jobs, grad school, internships Which major is right for you? What can I do with my degree? What can I do after graduation? Is there someone I can talk to about what I can do after graduation? How do I find jobs in my area? Career Development Center (CDC) Brotman Hall – BH 250 (562) 985- 4151 Make an appointment or drop in Workshops Counselors If you don’t know where to go or what to do – just ask at PRO!

27 PRO Contact Information Different ways to contact us:  Visit us in Psy 206  Email: Find our Google Calendar too!  Website: ments/psychology/pro  Call us: 526-985-5680 Find the CSULB Psych Department on:

28 Psychology Department Website Find: Forms Handouts Events Updates Contact Info Equivalents Big Events Spring - Psych Day Fall - Psych Asylum Download Psych Major Handbook Check out the FAQ page!

29 Website Check for: Form Handouts Events Updates Contact Info Equivalents

30 Website

31 Important Websites (PRO website) (PSY department website) view.html view.html (GE Info) (College of Liberal Arts Advising) (Key Enrollment Dates/Deadlines) (Enrollment Forms) (CSULB Catalog) (Transfer Course Equivalents)

32 Thank you! Questions?

33 Open Classes 300 Level 301-02, 301-04, 301-07 333-02 M 7:00 – 9:45 pm 354-03 M 7:00 – 9:45 pm 362-01 TTh 5:30 – 6:45 pm 379-02 MW 8:00 – 9:15 am 381-01 TTh 8:00 - 9:15 am 200 Level 241-01 MW 2:00 – 3:15 pm 241-02 TTh 11:00 am – 12:15

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