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LCCC Transfer Workshop Start Here – Go Anywhere !.

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1 LCCC Transfer Workshop Start Here – Go Anywhere !

2 What do you need to know to transfer? Transferring sounds easy, right? Fill out the application, send a transcript… what else do you need to do? There are actually a lot of things to consider when planning to transfer. Where are you going? Do they have the major you want? Do you like the campus? Which Math class should you take? Are there scholarships available for transfer students? This workshop will help you plan as you move through the different transfer steps. Along the way you will find links to helpful websites and information. At the end you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire that will be e-mailed to your advisor. We will need this form for your transfer advising appointment. Ready? Let’s get started!

3 It is never too early to begin your transfer planning. If you plan ahead you’ll make good decisions and you will be in a better position for a seamless transfer. Advisors and counselors are available to help you define your long and short term goals, evaluate where you are academically, and assist you with your course selections. Step 1: Plan Ahead!

4 One of the biggest decisions you’ll make is what you are going to major in. You may have one major at LCCC (such as Liberal Arts) and a different major (such as History) when you transfer. Knowing your major will help you pick appropriate courses while you are at LCCC. Not sure what you want to do? Relax!! The majority of students will change their major, so you’re in good company. Check out FOCUS (a career survey) on LCCC’s website at: Schedule an appointment with your Advisor to go over your results and discuss your options. Major Exploration

5 There are over 3,000 colleges and universities in the United States. You wouldn’t buy a car without shopping around would you? No one school is right for everyone, so what should you be looking for? First – make sure the schools you’re looking at offer the major you want! Sounds silly, but different schools have different majors, and different tracks within those majors. A quick trip to a college’s website will help you figure out if they offer what you’re interested in. Take some time to look at the required courses in your major – they should sound like fun! Step 2: Where are you going to go?

6 There are many online resources to help you choose a college. Check them out on our website at: services/transfer-services Click on Internet Links Think about what’s important to you and make a check list for each school you’re considering. OtherFactors Other Factors Location Academic Environment Size Social Environment Degree Cost Housing Sports/Clubs

7 As we said before – you wouldn’t buy a car without shopping around first. The college you select will be an important part of your life. Make the time to visit at least 2 or 3 schools. There are lots of colleges in the area – even if you aren’t considering them, think about visiting anyway. This will help you get a better idea of what’s important to you and will show you other factors you may not have considered. Many colleges visit LCCC during the year. The Transfer Representatives from these schools are great resources! Make time to stop by when they’re on campus to learn about their school and ask questions. Click here for the current scheduleClick here for the current schedule Don’t be afraid to attend open houses! Think of it as a test drive Check Them Out!

8 While LCCC courses will transfer almost everywhere, there are exceptions, and sometimes your courses will transfer as electives. The sooner you know where you’re going the better choices you can make when picking courses. Know the requirements for your transfer major at the schools you’re considering. Bring this information with you when you meet with your Advisor. Four year schools usually have General Education or Core requirements as well as Major requirements. Make sure you understand how these work so you take the right mix of Social Sciences and Humanities. Step 3: Be Prepared!

9 Will They Transfer? There are many options when looking at course equivalencies and transferability. Two great choices are: LCCC’s Transfer Center and Website – you can find LCCC’s formal articulation agreements and course equivalency info in AD 126 or on our website at: services/transfer-services – you can find core requirement course equivalency information for the PA state schools and community And don’t forget – when you’re not sure contact your transfer institution to double check.

10 Step 4: Now, how do I get in? Starting your education at LCCC is a smart choice - you’re earning college credits, but is that enough? Some majors at four year schools have minimum GPA requirements for admission that are higher than the overall minimum. Make sure you check out the admissions information for your major on your transfer school’s website. If you’re not sure – CALL! Applying to colleges (especially competitive schools or majors) is like applying for a job. It’s not enough to have done the minimum (completed courses) – you need to show that you’ve gone beyond that. While you’re at LCCC join a club, get involved on campus, volunteer. Show the four year schools why they want you!

11 Why you should talk to your Professors When it comes time to apply to your four year schools you will need reference letters. Who are you going to ask? Find a couple classes that you really enjoy and are doing well in. Spend some time talking to your instructors outside of class. Let them get to know you and learn about your goals and plans. This will be a huge help when you’re looking for someone to write a reference for you. And you never know, they may have some great advice on your major, your career path, or schools you should consider!

12 Congratulations! You’re now ready to meet with your Advisor and discuss your transfer plans. It is best to have your first transfer appointment before registration appointments begin. That way we can spend some time discussing your goals and answering your questions. To help us make the most of your visit please fill out the questionnaire at: Transfer Planning Info Sheet Transfer Planning Info Sheet We’ll make sure it gets to your assigned Advisor!

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