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Proudly Presented by Psychology Peer Advising Everything you’ve always wanted to know about your undergraduate degree and more!

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1 Proudly Presented by Psychology Peer Advising Everything you’ve always wanted to know about your undergraduate degree and more!

2 Welcome Who’s who in the Department Getting involved On Campus resources BA in Psych Understanding your Degree GE Requirements New Polices Goals Q& A

3 We are impacted….that means we have more students than space available. What does that mean to me? You must apply to the major/minor Our students: Over 1200 OF THEM!  Majors  Minor  Pre-Majors (less than 60 units only)

4  Dr. Kenneth Green Department Chair  Dr. Dan Chiappe Assistant Chair

5  Amy Jennings Undergraduate Advisor And Our Lovely Office Staff…  Marilyn Deegan & Connie McCarroll

6  Questions, concerns, advising appointments  SRR (PSY 301, course syllabi)  GRR  CRR  The Peer Advisers!  Handouts  Videos  And more!

7  1 st Floor  Psy 100 Main Office Forms, add/drop, withdraw  2 nd Floor  Psy 206 Peer Advising Major/Minor apps, PSY 301, Syllabi  3 rd Floor  Psy 314 Psych Student Study Center

8 Student Orgs:  PSA – open to all (PSY 314)  Psi Chi – GPA Psych 3.4, Overall 3.0  Human Factors  I/O  Peer Advising – working with other students for the department, major advising

9 Eligibility (Requirements) -Must be admitted to the major; all pre-requisite courses completed by end of semester -Minimum 3.25 overall GPA; 3.50 psychology GPA -Be able to commit for THREE semesters -Must have identified a faculty member willing to supervise their honors thesis project -To stay enrolled in program, must earn B” or higher in each Honors course to continue participation Curriculum -Completion: Honors Thesis Project + Four Honors courses (taken sequentially) -Other Curricular Requirements -Attendance at all Department Colloquium Series -Complete PSY 310 Intermediate Statistics (guaranteed registration) Benefits -Separate Q & A with colloquium speakers -Access to PSY342 (computer resources, mailboxes, break-out rooms) -Honors Certificate

10 Psych Related:  PSY 499 – Research  PSY 405 – Fieldwork  406’s – Activity  CRR (inside Peer Advising)  Psych Day – Community Fair 10-12 (Apr. 25) On Campus:  SLD  ASI Make a Difference!

11 How can Research Experience help me?  Provides an opportunity to better understand the field of Psychology & how knowledge is acquired.  Helps you to see what an academic-research career is like.  Allows a chance to see if research is enjoyable, which is important in deciding if a research based graduate program is the right choice for you.  Provides an opportunity to meet other dedicated students, which is the beginning of a networking system in academia.  Helps you to know at least one faculty member in greater depth, resulting in personal advising & support in applying to grad school.  Joint authorship on publications and conference presentations, adding to your background experience as an undergraduate student (VITA!).  May lead to independent study units (PSY 499) or possibly a small stipend!

12 Minimum:  Completion of Psy 210  Completion of Psy 220 Preferred:  Completion of Psy 310  Several upper division Psychology courses  At least one upper division course in faculty research area  Computer skills Ideal: All of the above plus Psy 411 and/or 412. Enthusiasm Reliability Punctuality Honesty What do I need? Academic qualifications

13 What would I do? Most often:  Data collection  data encoding  data analysis  literature reviews  animal care  computer data entry  interviewing  running subjects  running statistical programs

14  Peer Advising (Psy 206)  University Center for Undergraduate Advising (UCUA) (Horn Center 103)  CDC – job & internship info  CAPS – free counseling & help with stress  Learning Assistance Center – free tutoring  Learning Alliance – extra help  Library – tons of resources (including PsycInfo!)  Writer’s Resource Lab – free help w/ writing Go every semester!

15  Psych Major Checksheet  List of all Courses  Ethnic Studies/General Supporting Fields  Need total of 120 units to graduate from CSULB  53 units out of the 120 are Psychology units

16  Take PSY 100 ASAP (if you haven’t already done so)  Take courses in Order – 100, 210, 220, 241, etc for LD  Be careful of PreReqs!  Apply for Major as soon as you can  300 level & above must have 60 units completed to take  Avoid PSY 130 & 150 see double count limit….

17 Catalog year: The year you enter CSULB, start taking courses(for transfer students), or declare a major/minor. A contract between you & CSULB (good thing!) – you can only be held to the requirements of the catalog year you started at CSULB or declared your major/minor.

18 Double Counting- Limit 13 units  Only receive unit credit once for the course(s) taken.  Course counts for two or more requirements.

19  Need PSY 100, 210, & 220 completed with a C or better.  An overall GPA of 2.5 with 60 units completed or 3.0 with at least 36 units finished.  Applications in Peer Advising (PSY 206)  Must attach all transcripts from classes that do not appear in your MyCSULB degree progress report.  400 Level courses are for majors only. You may take all other course while your application is in progress.

20  A minimum of 48 units to satisfy your GE requirement  Of those 48 you include:  Need 3 Capstones (9 units total)  Need 1 Human Diversity (3 units total)  Need 1 Global Issues (3 units total) +53 units from Psy major +elective units, double major or minor = approximately 120 units

21  Talk to GE counselor & Psych Peer Advising (PSY 206) every semester! ■ Remember to:  Declare a major before you reach 60 units  Check and clear holds on MYCSULB  Find your enrollment appointment on MYCSULB  Attempt WPE (GWAR) before 65 units  Submit transcripts from other schools to Enrollment Services

22 Repeat Delete = Grade Forgiveness To ensure that students make timely progress toward their degrees, CSULB will begin limiting the number of times that students can withdraw from or repeat courses, based on maximums established by the CSU Chancellor’s Office.

23 Disqualification  Academic disqualification means dismissal from CSULB and is the result of not maintaining good academic standing.  The University expects all undergraduate students to maintain at least a 2.0 grade point average (GPA) in all classes taken at CSULB and in all transferable courses from other colleges and universities.  Academic probation at CSULB results when students' grades fall below the 2.0 GPA in either the CSULB cumulative GPA (all courses at CSULB), or in the overall cumulative GPA (all transferable college courses, including CSULB work).

24 All undergraduates will be limited to 18 units of withdrawals & 28 units of repeats of which a maximum of 16 may be for grade forgiveness (first attempt does not count toward the GPA). This applies to all students!

25 Once disqualified, students will be considered eligible for reinstatement if they have:  Remained out of CSULB for 1 regular semester  Raised their grade point deficiency by one half – can take classes at CC or OU  Raised their GPA  Made progress toward their degree Check with UCUA (Horn Center Room 103) if you think this might apply to you!

26 Students are subject to academic disqualification at the end of the first semester on academic probation if they have GPAs below the four (4) minimum cumulative (CUM) GPAs as follows: Freshman (<30 units)1.5 GPA Sophomore (30-59 units) 1.7 GPA Junior (60-89 units) 1.85 GPA Senior (90+ units) 1.95 GPA

27  You must declare your major OR minor before reaching 90 units  If you do wish to switch major/minors after completing 90 units, you must appeal to the respective department for permission  The College of Liberal Arts has a 144 unit cap

28  Job after your BA? Resumes, interviews, job searches…where to start?  Graduate School? MSW, MFT, MSIO, PhD, PsyD, MD…. what does it all mean???

29 Must take 301 your 1st semester in the Major Don’t wait, only need PSY 100 to take it… Hybrid class on BB & workshops on Campus

30 Courses to consider:  PSY 332,333,341,336,342  310,314,315  401,405,406,411,412,418,427,475 Start now:  Internships ~ references, resume  Part time work in area  Networking  Build resume ~ Student orgs/activities  Get involved ~ references, resume

31 Courses to consider:  PSY 332,333,341  351,356  310,314,315  401,405,406,411,412, research lab courses  SW, EDP, W/ST Start now:  Internships/Applied Experience  Research!!! ~ COR  Networking ~ COR  Build Vita ~ Student orgs/activities  Get involved ~ COR

32  FAFSA  Scholarships  Fellowships  Grants  Loans Be Aware! Know your Options

33 Different ways to contact us:  Visit us in Psy 206  Email:  Website: gy/peer_advising/  Call us: 526-985-5680  FaceBook : CSULB Psychology Peer Advising  Twitter : PSYPeerAdvising

34 Check for: Forms Handouts Events Updates Contact Info Equivalents Save the Date April 25 th Psych Day! Download Psych Major Handbook ASAP!


36 (PSY department website) (Peer Advising) (GE Info) (College of Liberal Arts Advising) (Key Enrollment Dates/Deadlines) (Enrollment Forms) (UCUA website) (CSULB Catalog) (Transfer Credit Analysis)

37 Any Questions

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